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The Owner’s Representative for the bond projects will be putting together periodic updates regarding the project status. If you have any questions or comments about the bond projects, email bondprojects@kcranch.org.

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Life at Ken-Caryl Bond Article Archives

frontpageheirloomSept. 21, 2016

Heirloom Park Playground Now Open

The new nature-themed playground at Heirloom Park is now open! The remainder of the park is almost complete, but please respect the closed areas where there is new sod. Thank you for your patience during the construction period. We hope you enjoy the new park!



Sept. 7, 2016

bondsaddlewoodpark8-16-16Saddlewood Park Now Open

The newly renovated Saddlewood Park is now open! The park is located at the intersection of Vail Pass and Rabbit Ears Pass. There is a new playground, landscaping and irrigation system. New sod was planted as part of the renovations. The sod will be fenced off temporarily to give it time to root.



Aug. 24, 2016

Heirloom Park Renovations
Ken-Caryl Ranch is updating the landscaping, irrigation system and playground equipment at Heirloom Park, which is located off of Club Drive and Mountain Oak in the Valley. The new playground will have a nature-themed look with log-like climbing and play structures. There have been some delays during the construction process, but Heirloom Park should be open around Labor Day.

Outdoor Pavilion at Community Center
There’s a new outdoor pavilion at the Community Center that will provide some much-needed shade for patrons. It will be open for use later in August.

Lower Parking Lot at Community Center
At press time, the new circle drive parking area at the Community Center was scheduled to open Aug. 24. The new area has handicapped and short-term parking. If you are visiting the Community Center for more than 10 minutes, you need to park in the upper parking lot. The circle drive is now designated a fire lane and drop-offs are not allowed unless you are pulling into the short-term parking spots.

Landscaping at Community Center
There is now sod surrounding the new playground at the Community Center! The contractor is working on the rest of the landscaping around the site, and it will be wrapped up in the next couple weeks.

Saddlewood Park Renovations
Saddlewood Park, located at Vail Pass and Rabbit Ears Pass, should be open by the end of August. There is a new playground, landscaping and irrigation system.

Aug. 10, 2016

BondCCPavilionRevBond Projects Wrapping Up

The bond projects are almost finished! A huge “thank you” goes out to the residents for approving the $7.9 million bond in the May 2014 election and for being patient during construction. The changes implemented with the bond funds have made tremendous improvements throughout Ken-Caryl Ranch.
In case you missed the Bond Projects Open House at the Ranch House on Aug. 3, you can see pictures of the remodeled facility on pages 10-11. While the interior work at the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge is done, there are some outdoor site projects and park overhauls that should be finished in August:
• Outdoor pavilion at Community Center
• Landscaping at Community Center
• Lower parking lot at Community Center with handicapped and short-term parking
• Saddlewood Park playground, irrigation and landscaping
• Heirloom Park playground, irrigation and landscaping
• Dakota Lodge playground (scheduled for completion in September)


July 27, 2016

BondProjectCCStairsNew Stairs Outside of Community Center
As part of the bond projects, new stairs are being installed outside at the Community Center. The stairs will start near the new lower parking lot and go down to a path that leads to the pool area.




July 13, 2016

BondCCSplashPadSplash Pad Now Open at Community Center!
Come check out the new splash pad at the Community Center! This new aquatics feature can be used by all ages and is a great addition to the recreational amenities on Ken-Caryl Ranch. The splash pad recycles its water so there is minimal waste. It was designed so that additional water features can be added to the splash pad in the future as budget allows. The splash pad will be open during regular pool hours:
Monday-Friday 12-7 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Come Check Out the Improvements at the Ranch House!
Ranch House Open House Aug. 3
Come check out all of the bond project improvements at the Ranch House! Take a self-guided tour through the building and go to Music a la Mode the same evening!
Date: Wednesday, Aug. 3
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: Ranch House


June 29, 2016

BondCCPlayground6-20-16Playground at Community Center
The new playground on the east side of the Community Center is now open! The dinosaur-themed playground is geared toward 5-12 year olds and has a poured-in-place surface. The existing playground on the west side of the building will remain and is ideal for younger children.




Outdoor Restrooms at Community Center BondTennisRestroom6-15-16
A new outdoor restroom building is in place at the Community Center. The building will be open and accessible from the tennis building by the end of June. Once all of the site work (grading, landscaping, etc.) is finished at the Community Center in late July, the restroom building will also be accessible from the rest of the Community Center campus.



Heirloom PlaygroundHeirloom Park Renovations
Ken-Caryl Ranch is updating the landscaping, irrigation system and playground equipment at Heirloom Park, which is located off of Club Drive and Mountain Oak in the Valley. The new playground will have a nature-themed look with log-like climbing and play structures to add a different style of playground never before seen on Ken-Caryl Ranch. The park is currently closed for the renovations. The plan is to open the new playground in mid-July and to have the rest of the park open in mid-August.


Recreation Program SpacesBondRHRec6-22-16
The new Recreation Program rooms and offices at the Ranch House will open by early July. The renovations include new bathrooms, youth program spaces, recreation staff offices and a reconfigured front desk.



June 15, 2016
Bond & Improvement Projects
The Bond Projects are nearing completion – most of the work will be completed in June with site work and additional scope of work trickling into July. As with most construction projects, there have been challenges that the team has encountered along the way. These challenges started with a permitting process that was much longer than anticipated. In addition to permitting, the utility companies have been inundated with service and easement change requests due to the construction boom in the area. Unfortunately both of these issues caused the site work to be started later in the construction season, which was then impacted by the heavy spring snows and rain. Although the bond projects have been complex occupied renovations at three separate sites in the middle of one of the largest construction booms the Denver metro area has seen in decades, the design and construction team has kept the project within budget, completing additional work that has added value to the project, with minimal schedule delays. In spite of the bumps along the way, the design and construction team has persevered and kept their focus on the end result of the completed projects that will provide enhanced services and experience to the community. We want to thank both the building occupants and the community who have been flexible and accommodating through this challenging project.

June 1, 2016
BondRHPoolCheckin5-27-16Bond Projects Construction Update
The final push to finish the construction work is on. Big things are happening daily, and each of the sites is noticeably different every day. Portions of the project are being completed and turned over for use every couple of days. Barring weather or other delays, the following features are next up for completion: the new pool check-in building at the Ranch House; the new playground, tennis courts and splash pad at the Community Center; and most of the work at the Dakota Lodge, including the regraded parking lot. While we are completing a lot of work, there will still be increased construction traffic and a significant amount of site work ongoing, so please be mindful of your surroundings and be safe. We encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of the increased activity. Watch for the safety cones and the caution tape. Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We appreciate your patience as the construction continues. We believe when the work is completed, your experience at the upgraded facilities will be enhanced.

May 18, 2016
Community Center Renovation UpdateBondCCPlayground
Phase 2 of the Community Center was completed and turned over for use on Wednesday, May 11. Phase 2 work included converting the fitness/cardio room into a new community meeting room/youth program space, converting an office into a new breakroom, creating a new lobby area, creating a dedicated janitor closet for the upper level and a fresh coat of paint in the Dakota Room.

The final phase (Phase 3) of the renovation project has now begun. Phase 3 will be the renovation of the main entrance to the Community Center as well as the front desk and office areas. For the next few weeks, the Dakota Room, which is located on the back/north side of the building, will be the temporary entrance and check-in for users until Phase 3 is completed toward the middle of June. Signs are posted at the facility to help users find the temporary entrance.

The new playground on the east side of the Community Center is also underway and is anticipated to open Memorial Day weekend. The dinosaur-themed playground is geared toward 5-12 year olds and will have a poured-in-place surface. The current playground on the west side of the building will remain and is ideal for younger children.

May 4, 2016BondDLClassroom4-22-16
Dakota Lodge Classroom
The Environmental Education classroom at Dakota Lodge is complete, and staff moved in on April 18. The original space at Dakota Lodge was an open room with a kitchen, two restrooms and community space that could be rented out and used for group events. The classroom is part of the original building. The original building renovations also include new bathrooms, a new kitchen, a conference room, Open Space Manager office, storage, a Ranger bathroom and Ranger work room. Dakota Lodge also features a new addition that added approximately 1,650 square feet of multi-purpose event space to the building. The multi-purpose room is finished and will be available in late May for rentals and community events. With the renovations and addition to the Dakota Lodge, the Environmental Education classroom allows the youth to have their own classroom space and restroom that is separate from the public rental space. It also provides staff with secure office space separate from the public and rental areas.

April 20, 2016
Site Work at the Community CenterBondCC4_15_16
The site work and landscaping is in full swing at the Community Center. The concrete has been poured for the post-tensioned tennis courts 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the fencing is being installed. The finish surface is warm-weather dependent and is anticipated to be completed in mid-May. The demolition for the splash pad has begun with the new amenity anticipated to be completed by late May. The concrete curbing for the new playground will soon be completed and the playground equipment will be installed in May. With the demolition of the small parking lot east of tennis courts 1 and 2, there is a temporary loss of 21 parking spaces. That loss of parking spaces in addition to the spaces lost due to the contractor’s construction trailer and material laydown in the upper west lot is temporary. We understand that parking is tight during the construction period. However, in June, when the drop-off turn-around is completed, 10 of those parking spaces will be added back. This leaves a net decrease of only 11 parking spots at the end of the project, which will be in June. Thank you for your patience!


Dakota Lodge Patio and Fire Pit
Site work at Dakota Lodge is underway! A new concrete patio and a fire pit are being added on the back side of the building.



April 6, 2016

Lodge Room at Dakota Lodge

Lodge Room at Dakota Lodge

Dakota Lodge Shuffle
Phase one of the Dakota Lodge included the construction of the multi-purpose room addition and the new public restrooms. With this first phase complete and inspected for occupancy, the multi-purpose room, called the Lodge Room, can now be used.

The second phase of work at Dakota Lodge includes the renovation of the existing/original building. The plans call for the construction of an Environmental Education classroom and a reconfiguration of the Ranger office area. In order to maintain operations for the youth programs, the multi-purpose room will be used by staff and kids while the Environmental Education classroom construction is complete. Once that space is complete and inspected, the youth program will move back into their final classroom space. In essence, the multi-purpose Lodge Room is being used as ‘swing space’ during construction.

The Lodge Room will be available for resident reservations in June. This new column-free, multi-purpose space is approximately 1,650 square feet and will be a great amenity for the residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch.

March 23, 2016
BondUpdateTennisCourtsPg3Post-Tension Tennis Courts for the Community Center
Site improvements at the Community Center include the replacement of the north (or lower) outdoor tennis courts. The existing asphalt courts will be left in place acting as a suitable sub-grade for the new post-tension slab tennis courts.

Post-tension construction involves the installation of tension cables arranged in a grid according to engineering specifications. These high-strength steel wires are wound together (to form the cable) and placed inside a plastic duct. The cables are designed to run through the center of the concrete slab. After the concrete has been poured and set up, the cables are pulled tight with hydraulic jacks against the outer edges of the concrete. This method is commonly used to create monolithic slabs. Post-tensioning can be found in parking structure and bridge construction. This technology was developed in France during the 1930s and introduced to the United States in the 1950s.

Post-tension tennis courts are the preferred playing surface for many reasons. They provide the best long-term value with greatly reduced annual and long-term maintenance costs. Post-tension courts also have an increased resistance to settling, heaving and have the ability to span unstable soil conditions. The finished product will also provide better uniformity of play and improved slope for drainage. These courts will now be similar to the Ranch House and Bradford tennis courts which are also post-tension construction. The end result will be a noticeable improvement to the tennis community.

Courts No. 1 and No. 2 closest to Club Drive are not included in the current tennis court replacement. These courts were not included in the base scope of work in order to reduce overall costs for the Community Center project. Early in design it was noted that utilities exist below court No. 1 at a diagonal deep below the court. These utilities include a high pressure water main and a sewer line that may require relocation. Due to the size and depth of these lines, the possible cost to relocate them could be significant, and was not included in the original budget.

The Metro District and Master Association Boards are working with the Ken-Caryl Ranch Water and Sanitation District to come to a resolution on this matter. Due to the proximity of courts No. 1 and No. 2 being adjacent to Club Drive, the future conversion of these two courts to post tension could occur with minimal impact to the site when the water and sewer line issues are resolved and additional funding is secured.

March 9, 2016
Phase One of Construction Nearing CompletionBondProjectsRH2_29_16
Adolfson & Peterson is nearing construction completion of phase one of the Ranch House, the Community Center and Dakota Lodge. What is included in phase one? At the Ranch House, phase one includes the north end of the building where the topo table (map room) and former A/V room were located. These spaces have been combined to provide one new multi-purpose room just off the lobby of the main entrance. This new multi-purpose room will temporarily be arranged for the staff office functions. Once staff office construction is complete, the new multi-purpose room will be available for booking by the community. Phase one also included updates to the Adult Lounge. The Adult Lounge will re-open for public functions in late March.

The Community Center phase one includes the lower level fitness area. There will be an expanded group exercise room, a dedicated cardio area, new showers and a weight training area where the racquetball courts used to be. Behind-the-walls work also includes new plumbing, electrical panels, lighting and improved HVAC distribution. In early March the residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch can look forward to getting back into their fitness routine with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Site improvements have also started at the Community Center. Work has begun on the elevator that will be located on the east side of the building. This will provide accessibility to the fitness level and the Dakota Room. There has also been some initial demolition around the tennis courts. The new post-tension tennis courts will be built directly on top of the previous asphalt courts providing a suitable surface to build from and resulting in a construction cost savings. Grading efforts have also started on the east side of the Community Center for a new playground structure.BondProjectsDL2_29_16

Phase one of Dakota Lodge includes the addition of the new, column-free multi-purpose room and the relocation of public restrooms closer to the main entrance of the building. The plan for operations is to locate the youth program in the new multi-purpose room while the Environmental Education classroom is under construction. Once the dedicated classroom is completed, the youth program will return to the west side of the building. The classroom construction is scheduled to be completed at the end of March. The second phase of Dakota Lodge will include the east side of the original building. This phase will provide a community conference room, and a map/work room, shower area and Open Space Manager office. The Dakota Lodge and maintenance building will be converted from propane to natural gas, saving on the overall utility costs for both buildings.

Feb. 24, 2016
BondProjectsCC2_22_16Lower Level of Community Center to Open in Early March
Previous articles have outlined the interior construction phases at the Community Center. The lower level renovations will occur first, with the upper (main) level construction occurring second. Perhaps by now you have seen some site work activity, which recently included the demolition of the four north tennis courts.

The lower level transformation includes having one contiguous level of fitness facilities. The racquetball floors were raised, and the locker rooms were reconfigured. There’s a dedicated cardio area and a larger group exercise room that also are part of the lower level changes. Many ‘behind the scenes’ improvements were also included. New electrical panels and lighting, replacement of older plumbing, and a greater level of insulation are some of those improvements. A new LULA (Limited Use Limited Access) elevator will also make the lower level and the Dakota Room accessible.

The biggest benefit of the Community Center’s lower level will be the incorporation of new fitness equipment. Commercial Fitness Solutions will be providing new equipment within the cardio and weight training areas. The equipment has been selected, ordered, and is on track for an early March delivery. Once the equipment is installed, and all inspections have passed, the lower level will re-open to the residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch. Access to the lower level will be through the main, front doors. Adolfson & Peterson will use signage and partitions to safely segregate staff and residents from construction workers. Everyone is excited to complete work on the lower level and present the new and improved fitness facilities to the Ken-Caryl Ranch community.

Feb. 10, 2016
Outdoor Restrooms by the Community Center
Early in the design process for the bond projects, the Community Center focus group, tennis community and youth programs expressed a need for outdoor restrooms as part of the bond project improvements. Indoor tennis players currently make the trek across the site to the main building to use the restroom facilities. The design team worked with a manufacturer named Biological Mediation Systems, LLC, or BMS, located in Ft. Collins. BMS is a custom manufacturer of prefabricated restrooms, concession buildings and park entry stations. You have likely seen their buildings in parks throughout the South Suburban Parks & Recreation District. These buildings have full plumbing – water and sanitary services – versus a vault system that requires frequent cleaning and usually includes unpleasant odors. The Community Center restroom building will include two unisex restrooms for the community’s use. Unit heaters will allow the restrooms to be used year-round. The BMS building for the Community Center is in the process of being built. Once the building is constructed and inspected, it will be brought to the site and set on a foundation with a crane. The team is anticipating the BMS building in early April. This economical solution will provide a great convenience for Ken-Caryl Ranch residents and patrons of the Community Center.

Jan. 27, 2016
BondUpdateCCPhasingCommunity Center Phasing Modifications
The Community Center drawing on this page reflects a revised approach to the phasing of the main floor of the Community Center. Adolfson & Peterson Construction proposed this revised phasing in order to minimize the operational impact to the summer youth programs and to return the resident fitness facilities back to the community. As part of Phase 1, a LULA (Limited Use/Limited Application) elevator will be added to the building. The LULA is a code requirement for accessibility to all building levels. Phase 1 also includes the lower level fitness area, which is estimated to be complete at the end of February.

When Phase 1 is complete, Adolfson & Peterson will begin work on the upper/main floor of the Community Center. The sequence of work on the main floor has been flipped to where renovations on the multi-purpose and youth program rooms (Phase 2) will begin in advance of the reception and staff office areas (Phase 3). Similar to the change in the Dakota Lodge sequence, this revision will ensure the spaces are ready for the summer months when youth camps are in full swing.
With the building renovations and the new fitness equipment, the Community Center will be a very attractive amenity for the residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Jan. 13, 2016
BondProjectsDLSlab1-13-16Dakota Lodge Phasing Modifications
Adolfson & Peterson Construction proposed revised phasing for Dakota Lodge in order to minimize the operational impact of the renovation and expansion work. Phase 1 includes the multi-purpose room addition and the construction of the new core functions of the original building – the restrooms and mechanical spaces. Including the restrooms in phase 1 of the schedule will provide new, functioning restrooms to the staff and youth programs that operate in Dakota Lodge. When phase 1 is complete (anticipated in early April), the multi-purpose room will provide ample space for the youth programs and staff while phase 2 work is underway. Had this phasing not been re-evaluated, port-o-potties would have been brought to the site for staff and children’s use during the winter months. This would have had a negative impact on everyone, and could pose a challenge for the youth program staff. Making an early modification to the phasing will avoid having port-o-potties on site and minimize the impact to building operations.

Dec. 16, 2015
Bond Project Construction Progress
Bond project construction is moving along at all three facilities. Drywall is being installed at the Ranch House in the north end of the lobby and A/V room area to create a multi-purpose event space. Demolition is underway on the lower level of the Community Center. The new bathrooms inside Dakota Lodge have been framed, and excavation work for the addition is in progress. Be sure to sign up for the Ken-Caryl Ranch e-News to receive regular updates on the bond projects.

Dec. 2, 2015
BondProjectsCCFloor1_8_16Filling the Void – Community Center Racquetball Courts
One of the many noticeable improvements within the Community Center will be “raising the floor” of the racquetball courts to have one contiguous level of fitness facilities. Many residents have wondered how Adolfson & Peterson intends to fill the void below the racquetball courts. The difference between the existing racquetball floor level and the new proposed floor level is more than 5 feet. Several options were considered and priced to find the most cost-effective solution. The design team landed on a material called Geofoam. Geofoam is a lightweight fill material that looks like oversized Styrofoam blocks. Geofoam has been used in various applications worldwide for several decades. It is used in foundation fill, retaining walls, bridge abutments and plaza decks. This material is lightweight, cost effective, long-lasting, strong and durable. The structural engineer on the design team has evaluated the Geofoam and specified it is the right product to withstand the weights and activity of the fitness facility. This material will also be much cleaner and faster to install than other considered options.

Nov. 18, 2015
Construction Progress at the Ranch House
Crews are making great progress on the Ranch House in the north end of the building, the lobby and the Adult Lounge. Completion of this first phase is anticipated to be in late-December, and then the crews will start on the office area. As a reminder, the main entrance to the Ranch House is closed during renovations. Please use the Recreation Office entrance instead. Building permits for the Community Center and Dakota Lodge were granted on Nov. 10, and construction on those two buildings started the next week. Permits for site work at the three facilities are expected in the next few weeks.

Nov. 4, 2015
Bond Improvement Projects Status Update
The last update provided in Life at Ken-Caryl referenced the next milestone in the project as being the issuance of permits by the Jefferson County Building Department. This process can be fairly lengthy, and includes reviews and comments by many entities within Jefferson County.

One step in that process was attending a Planning Commission Hearing on Oct. 14. The project team was in attendance for any questions regarding the improvements. The projects were approved without any public comment or questions from the Planning Commission – a small victory in the process! The building department released the building permit to Adolfson & Peterson for the interior renovation work at the Ranch House.

During the plan review process, our licensed and certified general abatement contractor, CRS/COCA, removed the asbestos-containing materials from the Ranch House Area 1 (Map Room, A/V Room, Adult Lounge and Lobby). Abatement activities needed to occur in advance of demolition activities performed by Adolfson & Peterson, which began on Monday, Oct. 26. The work areas were professionally contained during these activities, eliminating exposure to Ranch House staff. The environmental engineer, CTL Thompson, then performed pre and post-abatement inspections and air sampling as needed. With clearances from CTL Thompson and the Ranch House building permit, Adolfson & Peterson received the green light to proceed with Area 1 demolition and construction activities.

Construction activities on the Dakota Lodge and Community Center will commence once the Jefferson County Building Department provides building and site permits. We anticipate that to occur very soon.

Oct. 21, 2015
Guaranteed Maximum Price Approved
Tuesday, Oct. 6 marked another milestone for the design and construction team on the bond improvement projects. During the Joint Study Session meeting, the preconstruction team at Adolfson & Peterson (A&P) presented the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to the members of both boards. Following the Joint Study Session, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District held a special meeting to approve the GMP.

The GMP milestone represents months of collaboration with A&P, Sink Combs Dethlefs and Ken-Caryl Ranch to refine the design and confirm pricing of various subcontractor activities. The outreach to the subcontractor community by A&P was outstanding. This project was promoted to more than 250 qualified subcontractors around the Metro Denver area. A&P, the design team and Ken-Caryl Ranch have worked very cohesively to maintain all the key project interests.

The next milestone will be the issuance of permits by the Jefferson County Building Department. Once the permits are received, residents will notice lots of activity, equipment and changes on all three campus locations.

Oct. 7, 2015
Community Center Open During Remodeling
The Community Center will be remodeled as part of the Bond Project improvements starting in October. We appreciate your continued support and patience during this exciting renovation. Please see below for dates and specific facility information:

Phase 1: Lower Fitness Level and Tennis Courts
Oct. 1 – Jan. 20
During this phase fitness classes will be held in the Dakota Room on a slightly modified schedule. Five pieces of cardio equipment will remain in the cardio room for use.

Phase 2: Offices, Front Desk and Tennis Courts
Jan. 14 – March 17
Lower fitness level available.

Phase 3: Conversion of old Cardio Room upstairs to multi-purpose space.
March 18 – May 2

Current fitness memberships will be put on hold for 4 months beginning Oct. 1. During renovation, all fitness classes will be offered in the Dakota Room.

Fees for classes and/or use of cardio equipment during renovation:
Drop-In: Resident: $4, Non-Resident: $6
Silver Sneakers Pass or
Renovation Individual Membership good until Jan. 31, 2016:
Youth: Resident: $50, Non-Resident: $60
Senior: Resident: $75, Non-Resident: $85
Adult: Resident: $90, Non-Resident: $100

KCR residents may also use the Foothills Ridge Recreation Center and at discounted rates:
Ridge Recreation Center
6613 S. Ward Street
Littleton, CO 80127
Monday-Friday: 5:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
See www.ifoothills.org/kencaryl.asp for rates and amenities.

Sept. 23, 2015
Adolfson & Peterson Site Logistics
Construction staging will soon be noticeable to the Ken-Caryl Ranch community. For the bond improvement projects, Adolfson & Peterson (A&P) will plan on having two distinct staging areas. These staging areas will be located in the parking lots of the Community Center and the Ranch House. The staging areas will be fenced off and include mobile office trailers for A&P, trash dumpsters, storage of equipment and materials, and contractor parking. These areas will serve as the ‘on-site’ headquarters for the A&P team, along with subcontractors working on the projects. The Dakota Lodge is anticipated to only have a storage unit in the southwest corner of the current parking lot. These staging areas will remain in place for the duration of the projects.

Sept. 9, 2015
From Design to Construction

Aug. 21 was a milestone date for the bond improvement projects and the design team. On this day, Sink Combs Dethlefs, the architecture firm, published the 100 percent Construction Documents. Also referred to as 100 percent CDs, this package of information includes architectural and engineering drawings and specifications for all three campus projects. The CDs are submitted to Jefferson County and West Metro Fire for plan review and building permits. The CDs are also used by Adolfson & Peterson Construction (A&P) to begin the bidding process.

June 1 of this year was the subcontractor deadline for submitting pre-qualifications to A&P. Prequalification is an integral part of A&P’s risk management program, a prerequisite for working with A&P, and a prerequisite for working on the Ken-Caryl Ranch bond improvement projects. Subcontractors who were prequalified have the opportunity to download the CDs from a website called iSqFt.com. In addition to the drawings and specifications, the website includes relevant information such as project schedule, bidding instruction, clarifications and any addenda to the package.

Subcontractors then have a few weeks’ time to review the documents, ask questions and participate in a site visit to better understand the facilities. The interest in the project has been terrific. At A&P’s last inquiry, there were 183 subcontractors looking at the CDs. There are many trades involved in these projects, but the goal is to receive at least three bidders for every category of work (electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting, etc.). Having multiple bidders per trade will provide a competitive situation in which subcontractors will be motivated to provide good pricing.

Once the bids are received, there is a very intensive review process. The process will involve A&P, Vanir Construction Management and Sink Combs Dethlefs reviewing the pricing, verifying scope of work, and making a recommendation for each bidding subcontractor.

The project team will present the pricing, or Guaranteed Maximum Price, to the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District and Master Association Boards on Sept. 29. If all pricing is within the overall budget, project work will commence in October.

Aug. 26, 2015
Dakota Lodge Construction Phasing

The Dakota Lodge improvements will result in a transformation of the facility. The plans include a building addition, which will serve as the new multi-purpose room. This addition will be located on the southeast corner of the building, and will be the first phase of construction at Dakota Lodge. Once the addition is complete, the offices and youth programs will operate out of the addition while the original building is under construction.

The second phase of construction will provide for new, accessible restrooms, a nature center display area, a community and Ranger conference room, a dedicated classroom for environmental education, and a new and improved serving kitchen. The Rangers will also benefit from a dedicated restroom with a shower.
The first phase of construction (the multi-purpose room addition) is expected to begin in October and be completed in December of this year. The second phase of construction will follow phase one and finish in January of 2016.

Another improvement you may not notice is the conversion of the Dakota Lodge and maintenance building from propane gas to natural gas. This conversion will provide operational savings to both facilities.

What about the site work?
The Dakota Lodge site has many challenges in that the area around the building sits higher than the floor of the Dakota Lodge. The result is water infiltrating into the building’s ‘low spots’. The design calls for grading corrections along with drainage designs that will divert water around the building rather than to the building.

The location of the building addition will also provide for an outdoor education area in close proximity to the playground. Youth programs along with resident events will benefit from this indoor/outdoor adjacency. The parking lot improvements include a drainage pan to divert water and a new gravel layer, which will reduce the challenges with mud during inclement weather.

Aug. 12, 2015
Community Center Construction Phasing

The majority of Community Center improvements occur on the lower level of the building. The original phasing included construction activities on the lower level to be divided into two phases, a north phase (inclusive of locker rooms) and a south phase (including raising the racquetball court floor for a contiguous workout floor).

In evaluating the impact to Adolfson & Peterson (A&P), the contractor for the project, as well as the staff and residents, it was determined that the lower level construction should be combined into one phase – saving more than 30 days of construction time. This will maximize the efficiency for A&P and keep everyone safe during construction. The duration for lower level closure is being refined with this one phase approach.

The lower level is currently estimated to be closed from Oct. 1, 2015, through Jan. 20, 2016, for 80 working days. Plenty of advance notice will be provided to residents with the lower level closure. During the lower level closure, the upper level cardio room and the Dakota Room will be available. Please keep in mind that A&P will be working below, and noise may impact your enjoyment of the equipment and classes on the first floor.

Main floor construction will be segregated into a north and south phase. The south phase will occur first and include an updated reception area along with tennis and youth program offices. The current duration for this work is 50 working days to occur between Jan. 14, 2016, and March 23, 2016.

The north phase of the main floor will include improvements to the Dakota Room, modification of the cardio room and the lobby area. This area is the shortest duration of interior construction at the Community Center and is scheduled to occur between March 17, 2016, and May 6, 2016. For the convenience of residents and staff, an alternate entrance may be designated while main floor construction is occurring. Signage will provide users of the facility direction on how to access the lower level during first floor improvements.

What about the site work?
The Community Center improvements include a great amount of site work. This includes new pathways, an improved drop-off and parking area, a new playground, a tennis pavilion, outdoor restroom building and a splash pad to replace the wading pool. With the extent of site work occurring, this creates an opportunity to evaluate existing landscape materials (trees, shrubs, etc.), and incorporate new materials with the Landscape Master Plan as a guiding document. It also provides an opportunity to work with the District’s Parks staff to evaluate existing sprinkler systems and planting beds.

During design and site construction, the team will incorporate efficiencies and eliminate materials that have exceeded their life span or that create maintenance challenges for the Parks staff. Due to the extensive site work necessary for the project, some of the large cottonwood trees will need to be removed during demolition activities. The majority of these trees have reached the end of their life expectancy. New trees are included in the design and will be planted as part of the overall project work.

A&P will start site construction activities once approvals have been received from the Jefferson County Building department. There will be an emphasis to complete as much site work as possible prior to winter weather impacting activities. Site work also includes excavation and site preparation for the new elevator to be located off the lounge area of the first floor. Residents should expect to see a delay between construction completion and installation of landscape plant materials, estimated to occur in May. May to mid-June is the ideal timeframe for installing new plant material and creating the best chances of survival.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email bondprojects@kcranch.org.

July 29, 2015
Ranch House Construction Phasing
Early planning for the implementation of construction is underway with Adolfson & Peterson, the design team and Ken-Caryl Ranch. One of the challenges on the Ranch House project is performing construction activities within an occupied facility. This means that A&P will need to manage the noisy work to minimize the impact on staff, youth programs and residents using the facility. The KCR staff have proactively blocked off time on the reservation calendar for the Adult Lounge to prevent events from being scheduled during construction renovations. The team’s goal will be to reopen the Adult Lounge at the completion and inspection of all construction activities.

Working within an occupied facility requires a high level of communication and attention to safety. Communication of work areas will inform staff and residents of what changes are happening and when they will be happening. The Ranch House interior renovation is anticipated to occur within three phases. The first phase will include renovations to the Adult Lounge on the second floor and the Map Room and A/V Room on the first floor. Including the Map Room and A/V Room in the first phase of construction provides for transitional space or ‘swing space’ for staff to operate from while other areas are under construction. Including the Adult Lounge in the first phase will minimize the amount of down time for this important and highly utilized space. Take note that regular events like Board meetings will likely have alternate locations during construction activities.

The second phase of construction will include the staff office areas. This area is being reorganized for a more efficient layout, with fewer private offices. Once the staff area construction is complete, the recreation end of the Ranch House will be the third and final phase of interior renovations. During the recreation area renovations, the Map Room and A/V Room will likely be used by the youth programs. Your familiar routine for accessing services within the Ranch House will be altered during construction. Please take note of signs placed at entrances and around the work areas to find temporary locations of staff and programs. The larger area we can provide for A&P to work in, the greater amount of work they can complete in each phase. Stay tuned for phasing information on the Community Center and the Dakota Lodge projects. 

July 15, 2015
Bond Improvement Projects Schedule
The design team and contractor for the bond improvement projects are diligently working on the next milestone in the project process of construction documents or CDs. This package will be submitted to authorities having jurisdiction for plan review and building permits in late August. On a parallel track to this review, Adolfson & Peterson Construction will be confirming pricing and developing a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the scope of work identified in the drawings and specifications.

The construction for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge is still targeted to begin in the fall – once summer camps are complete and children are back in school. As mentioned in previous articles, all three facilities will be under construction at the same time. The targeted completion date for construction is spring of 2016.

There will likely be some landscape items (trees, shrubs, etc.) that lag the overall schedule. This is due to established planting seasons for the area. With guidance from KCR staff, the design team will provide phasing plans and project graphics to advise residents of areas of construction as well as alternative routes. This information will be posted at each facility and communicated to residents via the Life at Ken-Caryl newspaper.

The construction schedule is a very detailed document that identifies each task and the anticipated durations required to complete the work. An initial schedule and phasing plan was reviewed with KCR staff. Based upon staff input, Adolfson & Peterson is in the process of revising the initial construction schedule and phasing plan. The next version of the schedule will focus on what areas can be combined into phases. This will provide the contractor with a greater work area, which can lead to efficiencies with construction activities.

Phased construction in an occupied facility is necessary to maintain operations. There will be some inconveniences to the residents and staff as routine functions may be temporarily displaced. It will be temporary, and we would ask for your understanding and patience during the construction process.

July 1, 2015
Design Development – The Next Bond Project Milestone
Wednesday, June 17 marked the design team deadline for the Design Development phase of the bond improvement projects. The primary objective of Design Development is to describe and define all aspects of the project so that all that remains is design production and the completion of construction documents.

At the end of Design Development, all major renovation components are defined in sufficient detail to where Adolfson & Peterson (A&P), our general contractor, has a complete understanding of what is included in the projects. A&P is currently preparing an estimate of the cost of construction based upon the Design Development drawings and specifications. The pricing will be presented at the Joint Study Session on Tuesday, July 14 for review and approval.

Next steps in the bond improvement project include review and approval of the material finish selections and the design team’s completion of the Construction Documents. Once the Construction Documents are complete, they will be submitted to Jefferson County Building Department and West Metro Fire District for plan review and building permits. At the same time, A&P will send the set out to subcontractors for a competitive bid process.

At the completion of the bidding process, A&P will establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price for review and approval by Ken-Caryl Ranch. The Guaranteed Maximum Price is a type of construction contract where the contractor is compensated for actual costs incurred plus a fixed fee with a maximum ceiling price. Construction activities will be carefully phased to maintain building operations. Communication of the phasing and project safety will be the team’s focus during construction. Stay tuned to these articles for project updates.

June 17, 2015
Updated Bond Project Plans
At the Joint Study Session meeting on June 2, representatives from Vanir Construction Management, Sink Combs Dethlefs Architecture & Design, and Adolfson & Peterson Construction presented revised pricing for the bond improvement projects. The presentation identified scope reductions, more detailed drawings and specifications from which to price, a revised approach to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems along with creative means and methods for achieving the project goals.

Following the presentations, A&P utilized a live spreadsheet to move project components from base (original) or alternate (options) scope of work to generate a working total amount. Many tough decisions were made by both the Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards to maximize improvements and minimize behind-the-walls work that would increase the life span of the facilities but not be a noticeable improvement to residents. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Joint Study Session Boards recommended the reassignment of bond funds from the Parks, Playgrounds and Landscaping projects (bucket 4) to fund the budget shortfall for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge projects. The design team will work within the approved, reallocated amount, maintaining the bucket 4 funds for signage, playgrounds and other identified priorities.

The design team is currently working on the development of 100 percent design development drawings and specifications along with finish selections for the building interiors. The design development drawings will be reviewed by the Boards at their July 14 Study Session, along with another round of cost estimating to confirm pricing aligns with the target budgets for all campuses.

June 3, 2015
New Community Entrance Signs
The first project using bond funds is moving forward. This project is to replace the main entrance signs around Ken-Caryl. Some initial sign design concepts were presented to residents in April 2014, and feedback was gathered and reviewed. Based on the feedback, a new sign design was developed and approved by the Boards.

While several of the community entrance signs will be replaced around Ken-Caryl, the first sign replacement is scheduled for the entrance to the Valley. Weather dependent, the Valley sign installation was scheduled to begin the week of May 25. The second sign that will be installed is near the intersection of Gore Range Road and Simms by the entrance to the Territory neighborhood. Several other signs will be installed at a later date.

May 20, 2015
Revised Bond Project Plans to be Presented June 2
At the Joint Study Session on Tuesday, representatives from Vanir Construction Management, Sink Combs Dethlefs Architecture & Design, and Adolfson & Peterson Construction presented initial pricing for the bond improvement projects. Unfortunately, the pricing exceeded our budget so we will be working together to modify the plans to provide facility upgrades that work within the funding approved by voters.

Tough decisions will need to be made regarding some of the enhancements. There may be parts of the designs that need to be added to a list of “future improvements” for implementation at a later date. The Boards want to ensure residents that the bond funds will be spent wisely and on the upgrades that are most beneficial to the community.

The design team is currently reworking the plans for all three facilities based on feedback from the Boards and staff, and they will present revised plans to both Boards at the Joint Study Session on Tuesday, June 2 at 6 p.m. at the Ranch House. Residents are welcome to attend the meeting. The plans will also be posted online for comment later that week. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.

May 6, 2015
Calling All Sub-Contractors
The Ken-Caryl Ranch community has many talented professionals. During the General Contractor selection process for the bond projects, an idea resonated with the selection committee to provide an opportunity for residents involved in the construction industry to participate in the bond improvement projects. Adolfson & Peterson (A&P) was selected as the Construction Manager/General Contractor for all three campus locations. A&P has agreed to participate in an online job fair to solicit interest in participating in the bidding process. All subcontractor bids will be competitive, and all subcontractors will need to become qualified through A&P’s bidding process. There are many components to these projects: demolition, framing, drywall, painting, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc. This article will focus on the process involved in submitting qualifications to A&P for scope of work within the projects.

A&P is excited to be a part of enhancing the lifestyle of Ken-Caryl Ranch residents. A&P welcomes the opportunity for any company located on Ken-Caryl Ranch or any Ken-Caryl resident who owns or works for a company in the construction industry to join us in improving these great facilities. Interested Ken-Caryl residents and businesses that would like to be considered as a subcontractor to work with A&P on the bond improvement projects must submit a Prequalification Packet. The reputation of A&P is based on providing owners the optimum value for their investment, without compromising quality or a safe construction site. The value the company provides is not possible without the support of a dedicated team of subcontractors. The goal is to create a fair, objective environment for subcontractors working with A&P to provide a rewarding experience for all team members.

Subcontractor prequalification is an integral part of A&P’s risk management program and a prerequisite for working with the company. Please complete the subcontractor prequalification questionnaire to help A&P better understand your operational capabilities, safety record and liquidity. Please visit the Subcontractor Center online at www.a-p.com/subcontractor-center if you are interested in working with A&P on the bond improvement projects.
Prequalification packets must be submitted by June 1 in order to maintain the construction timeframe. Please submit complete packets to Project Estimator Andy Wood at andywood@a-p.com. Feel free to reach out to Andy with any questions or concerns at 303-326-5868 or by email.

April 22, 2015
Community Center Wading Pool/Splash Pad Decision
At the April 7 Joint Study Session, the bond projects design team presented the Schematic Design package to the Metropolitan District and Master Association Boards, seeking approval to proceed to the design development phase. All three campus designs were reviewed for site planning and interior programming efforts. Current plans are posted on our website at www.ken-carylranch.org on the Bond and Improvement Projects page under the Administration tab. The most current plans will be posted when plans are amended, so please check back often for updates.

Many good comments were captured from Board members. During the focus group meetings, the open house meetings and via the project email address, there was a strong contingency of residents who would prefer the wading pool remain at the Community Center. The design team considered this an important business decision that required direction from the Boards.

During the Joint Study Session, the design team presented the pros and cons of each option: 1) wading pool and 2) splash pad. When asked about the cost of each, there was not a significant difference between the two options. The Boards unanimously agreed that a splash pad is the preferred option for the Community Center. This is an amenity that is currently missing from Ken-Caryl Ranch facilities. A splash pad would have many advantages: a longer season, no lifeguard requirement, and provides a modern and interactive amenity. The Boards also recognized that wading pools exist within two facilities currently – the Bradford Pool and the Ranch House Pool.

April 8, 2015
Updates to Bond Project Plans
We appreciate everyone’s feedback on the concept plans for the Community Center, Dakota Lodge/Ranger Station, Parks/Playgrounds/Landscaping/Signage and Ranch House. The plans have been updated, and revised plans are posted on the Bond & Improvement Projects page under the Administration link. Frequent updates will be posted to this page as changes are made, so we encourage you to check back often. You can send comments or questions about the bond projects to bondprojects@kcranch.org.

March 25, 2015
Bond Projects Major Milestone Reached
The Schematic Design phase for the bond projects is now complete. This is a major milestone in the overall designs for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge campuses. Included in Schematic Design are the following preliminary building floor plans and the preliminary site plans. All of this was made possible by the hard work of our design team and the Ken-Caryl Ranch residents and staff participating in multiple focus group meetings and open houses. Thanks to everyone!

While most of the major design decisions have now been made, there are many, many minor issues that need to be worked out over the next few months. These include, exact room sizing, door placement and type, interior colors and finishes, furniture, lighting and numerous other important design details. Stay up-to-date on the design effort by visiting the Bond and Improvement Projects page of the Ken-Caryl Ranch website. Please contact us via bondprojects@kcranch.org if you have any comments or questions.

March 11, 2015
Bond Projects Open House
The Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge focus groups have now met on three separate occasions with the architects from Sink Combs Dethlefs. These very productive sessions have confirmed and clarified many of the high-priority projects identified long ago by the Community Planning Committee. This has allowed the architects to narrow the universe of design concepts under consideration and will allow them to share the leading concepts for each campus with residents at a second open house scheduled from 4:30-7:30 p.m. on March 18 at the Ranch House Adult Lounge. This session will afford residents the opportunity to comment on the preferred conceptual designs for each campus before the architects move into the next, more-detailed phases of design. Once again, the Metropolitan District will offer free childcare at the open house. Please mark your calendar.

In addition to the progress on concept designs for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge, considerable work has been accomplished on the bond projects related to parks, playgrounds, landscaping and signs. Specifically, the first phase of entrance and directional signs is just about ready to begin. Check out the Bond and Improvement Projects page of the Ken-Caryl Ranch website to view the designs for the new “family” of entrance and directional signs. Also, the focus group responsible for guiding this category of work has recommended that the Saddlewood, Territory and Bradford Park playgrounds be the first three playgrounds to be completely “rebuilt” with bond funds. Each play area will include a new play structure, irrigation and landscaping. Watch this column for further details. Please email bondprojects@kcranch.org with any questions or comments.

Feb. 25, 2015
Bond Projects Open House a Huge Success
As reported in our last update on the bond projects, a community-wide open house was held at the Ranch House on Feb. 10. The purpose of the meeting was to gather resident input on proposed projects and priorities for each of the three campuses: Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge. Comments were also gathered related to a fourth category of bond funded projects including parks, playgrounds, landscaping and signs.

A solid showing of more than 100 residents participated in the open house. Residents viewed a summary list of the priorities for each campus and provided copious comments on oversized sheets. The comments gathered are being reviewed by the architects and were scanned and posted on the Bond & Improvement Projects page. In addition to the list of priorities, large photos or “image sheets” were displayed that allowed residents to indicate their preference for the style, character, look-and-feel of interior spaces and exterior facades. The image sheets referenced a range of style from traditional to contemporary. The goal was to gauge the resident’s sense of style at each campus. There was also an opportunity for residents to view preliminary work associated with the KCR Landscape Master Plan. This is a document that will serve as an educational tool for residents and a guiding document for how we proceed with responsible and strategic improvements to our irrigated areas. The Landscape Master Plan will address issues such as water conservation, turf conversion, tree replacement and irrigation upgrades.

A second open house has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at the Ranch House. This session will afford residents the opportunity to respond to preliminary concept designs for the three major campuses as well parks, playgrounds, landscaping and signs. This is a come-and-go style of meeting, so stop by at any time to share your thoughts. Babysitting will be provided. Please mark your calendar! Thanks to all those who took the time to share ideas on bond projects and priorities. And a very special thanks to Ken-Caryl Ranch residents Dianne Jones, Mindi Sanders and Kedra Hood who continue to serve as leaders for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge focus groups.

Feb. 11, 2015
Construction Manager/General Contractor Selection and Next Steps
Early in the bond improvement process, together with resident volunteer subject matter experts, Vanir recommended a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) delivery method for the project. This delivery method provides a collaborative working relationship with Ken-Caryl Ranch and the design team. It also allows Ken-Caryl Ranch to fast track construction, have an open-book approach to costs and most importantly establishes a guaranteed maximum price during design.

Choosing the right CMGC firm is vital to the success of your bond improvement projects. CMGC firms are evaluated on relevant project experience, ability to work in an occupied facility and a flexibility to accommodate changes during design and construction. In an effort to select the best firm for this task, an advertisement was published in early January and resulted in five firms interested in participating in the process. Those proposals were reviewed for appropriate and relevant qualifications and resulted in interview opportunities for four firms. The selection committee recommended and last week the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board selected Adolfson & Peterson Construction as the CMGC.

Lastly, regarding our continuing efforts to gather resident input, a community-wide open house was held at the Ranch House on Feb. 10. Resident comments and suggestions were gathered for each of the three major campuses being renovated (Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge) as well as a fourth category of work comprised of replacement of playgrounds, signs, landscaping and irrigation systems. There was also an opportunity to review elements of a draft Landscape Master Plan that will focus on water conservation and sustainable landscape treatments.
Next, the architects will analyze all the information received at the open house and recent focus group meetings. Preliminary concept plans will then be prepared using this information and shared at a second Open House sometime in March. Watch this space and the Ken-Caryl Ranch e-News for notices of future bond project meetings.

Jan. 28, 2015
Residents Invited to Participate in First Community Open House

Ken-Caryl Ranch residents are invited to participate in a bond project community open house on Tuesday, Feb. 10 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at the Ranch House. This will be the first opportunity for all residents to meet the design team and provide input on the priorities developed for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge.

Architects from Sink Combs Dethlefs and representatives from Vanir Construction Management will be at the open house to facilitate the gathering of resident comments. In addition, residents from bond project focus groups and KCR staff will be in attendance to assist in this important information-gathering session. The Metropolitan District will provide childcare services. The architects will summarize input gathered at this session and will post a forum summary on the bond project page located on our website, www.ken-carylranch.org, under the Administration tab. Residents unable to attend can contribute their thoughts via the bond project email address: bondprojects@kcranch.org. Resident input will contribute toward the development of specific design concepts for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge. A second community forum in February will share those concepts with residents.

The design schedule for the bond project work has the majority of resident input occurring in the next several months so it is vital that we hear from you at this and subsequent sessions. Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, Feb. 10 from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at the Ranch House.

Jan. 14, 2015
Architect Hired for Bond Projects
The Metropolitan District Board contracted with the Denver architectural design firm of Sink Combs & Dethlefs (SCD) to provide architectural services for the facility bond projects at the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge. For more than 50 years, SCD has been recognized nationally as a leader in recreation, athletic complex and multipurpose event center planning and facility design. The 47-person firm maintains offices in Denver, Chicago and Ann Arbor. Over the years SCD has worked closely with hundreds of municipalities, colleges and universities to create award-winning facilities.

SCD has provided planning and design services at nearby facilities including: Central Park Recreation Center in Stapleton, the Reunion Community Center in Commerce City, and the Highlands Ranch Recreation Center at Southridge. SCD and landscape architect partner John Norris of Norris Design have both worked with Ken-Caryl Ranch in the past helping define long-range concept plans for the Ranch House pool area. Gudmundur Jonsson will be the lead architect and project manager. Planning, design, permitting and bidding are expected to be completed next August with construction starting in September and continuing through May 2016.

Dec. 17, 2014
New Year Brings Facility Improvements … and Some Inconveniences
2014 was a great year to live in Ken-Caryl Ranch! Residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bond to invest $7.9 million in upgrading facilities and landscapes throughout the community. With your input, lists of needed improvements have been prepared and prioritized. Architects will soon begin evaluating these priorities and start the planning and design process. What is the impact? The plan for construction is to have the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge under construction simultaneously. This approach will actually save Ken-Caryl Ranch some time and money by consolidating the General Contractor’s efforts. This will require solid communication from the project team to the residents, and as expected, there will be some inconveniences.

The construction is expected to start in September of 2015 and continue through March of 2016. The goal is to maintain core functions of each facility, but there may be a need to relocate activities or suspend the use of a room or area during construction. Examples are the Adult Lounge at the Ranch House and the Dakota Lodge. With the assistance of the staff we have ‘blacked out’ the calendar for both the Adult Lounge and Dakota Lodge reservations from October 2015 through February 2016. This means that people cannot reserve the Adult Lounge or the Dakota Lodge for meetings, activities and events during this timeframe. We want you to have plenty of notice for any events you are considering next holiday season. Once the General Contractor is selected, we can narrow down this ‘black-out’ window, but for now we wanted to over commit the amount of time needed for a space that is so valuable to the community. Communication and safety will be the team’s focus during construction.

Dec. 3, 2014
Architects Expected To Begin Work Soon
We are proceeding on schedule with the process of selecting an architecture firm to conduct the planning and design of the $5.9 million in bond project improvements at the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge Campus. A Selection Committee composed of representatives from the Metropolitan District and Master Association Boards, staff from both the MD and MA, and a resident subject matter expert has begun reviewing detailed proposals from three architecture firms with the goal of making a final recommendation by the Dec. 9 MD Board meeting. Representatives from Vanir Construction Management will assist the committee in their deliberations to select the firm that best matches the specific design requirements of the bond projects. Assuming all continues to go as planned, we expect to have our first orientation meeting with the selected firm on Dec. 22.

Nov. 19, 2014
Hard Costs, Soft Costs … What?
The majority of the $7.9 million in bond funds that Ken-Caryl Ranch residents approved last May via ballot issue 5A will be used for the actual construction of tennis courts, playgrounds, gathering spaces, expanded pool decks, multipurpose rooms, parking areas, maintenance facilities and many other valuable improvements throughout the Ranch. The direct construction-related labor and materials costs for these projects are referred to as “hard costs.” A second category of project costs will go to paying for Owner’s Representative oversight, architects, sub consultants, surveys, materials testing fees, legal fees, moving and storage, and other expenses not considered direct construction costs. These are referred to as “soft costs.” The accompanying graphic illustrates how much of the $7.9 million is estimated to be spent on both hard and soft costs.

Vanir Construction Management has been hired by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District to oversee the work at the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge. The work on parks, playgrounds, landscaping and signs will be managed by the KCRMD staff. Approximately $5,984,000 has been allocated to the three projects for which Vanir is responsible. Of this amount, approximately 12 percent or $718,080 will be used for soft costs and another 5 percent or $263,292 will be reserved as an owner’s contingency to cover unexpected direct construction issues. Deducting these two items from the $5,984,000 yields a balance of $5,002,628. This is the initial hard cost amount for direct construction at the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge.

A similar breakdown has been done for the $1,961,000 allocated for parks, playgrounds and landscaping. The cost estimating for this part of the bond work is still in progress, but assuming similar percentages for soft costs and owner’s contingency, the hard cost balance available for parks, playgrounds and landscaping is $1,627,630. Bottom line: we estimate that it will take about 12 percent in soft costs in order to successfully plan, design and build successful projects throughout the Ken-Caryl Ranch community. We thought you should know.

Nov. 5, 2014
Your Input Is Critical To Success
The last project update in Life at Ken-Caryl explained the value of selecting the right architectural firm and the desired qualifications. The team effort to select the best firm for the Ken-Caryl Ranch bond project is proceeding well. As of a few days ago, we refined the field of candidate architectural firms from 10 to four. The remaining four firms will be invited to provide submittals in response to a comprehensive Request for Proposal, which identifies the scope of work, timeline, budget and process by which the bond projects will be planned, designed and constructed. Now comes the part where you, the residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch, are needed. Soon after a final selection is made, the architectural firm will establish their design team and begin getting up to speed on the project. While we have compiled a long list of existing documents that will help them in this regard, much more is needed. Specifically, focus groups are needed to work with the architects on each of the three major project components: Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge.

Here is another opportunity to have a meaningful impact on how each of these facilities and campuses get developed. We need residents who are passionate about tennis, fitness and playgrounds to be part of the Community Center work group. If you desire more attractive gathering spaces and an inviting pool deck at the Ranch House, then we need you. Interested in an updated Dakota Lodge for your next birthday party or graduation event? Then volunteer for the Dakota Lodge team. There will be several occasions in which the architect will provide community presentations, but if you have a passion for your community facilities, we would love to hear from you. Only with significant resident involvement will we be assured of success. Please let us know of your interest by sending a short email with your contact information to bondprojects@kcranch.org.

Oct. 22, 2014
Design Team Selection
One of the early steps in any construction project is the selection of an architectural firm. Choosing the right architect is vital to the success of your bond improvement projects.
Architectural firms should be evaluated on relevant experience, technical competence, staff resource availability, adherence to budget and schedule, along with professional references. Firms come in a variety of sizes, and may specialize in project or facility types. The architect will serve as a facilitator in gathering information, assisting in the development of priorities, and providing creative solutions to project requirements.

Vanir Construction Management, the Owner’s Representative, along with members of the Community Planning Committee, have researched architectural firms within the Denver Metro area who have professional resumes that include community centers and recreational facilities. From that initial list we have identified qualifications that will have value on the bond improvement projects. That list of qualifications includes the ability to provide architectural and interior design services, successful approaches to community engagement, current and projected workload, and the ability to design within budget and within schedule to name a few. From this matrix of qualifications, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District will be able to evaluate, select and invite architectural firms for the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The RFP process will be developed to outline a summary of the bond improvement projects, a description of the selection process, a timeline and scope of services. Once the RFPs are reviewed, the interview process will be conducted to determine the best, most qualified fit for the bond improvement projects.

Oct. 8, 2014
Bond Project Update
Residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch Community:
Vanir Construction Management, Inc. is very pleased to have been selected as your Owner’s Representative for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge bond projects. We are quickly becoming familiar with your community and the amenities you enjoy and look forward to providing leadership and professional expertise throughout the duration of the project. We have expanded our team to include one of Ken-Caryl’s longtime residents, Paul Camp. Paul brings to the team a wealth of knowledge of the Ken-Caryl Ranch community, having recently served as a Master Association Board member. Paul has more than 13 years of experience on the Open Space Committee and has chaired numerous special studies and task forces. He knows how the community works and where to go to get answers to facility-related questions. Paul has more than 35 years of facility design and construction experience at the state and federal level. As an integral part of the Vanir team, Paul will be involved in all phases of information gathering and reporting to the community. Specifically, he will work closely with both the MA and MD Boards, the Community Planning Committee and residents on most of the early phases of facility programming and design.

My name is Lisa Lorman, and I will be Vanir’s main point of contact for the duration of the project. My formal education is in architecture; however my career has included experience from many different directions. My home is in Roxborough, and I’ve enjoyed volunteering for my community while serving on the Roxborough Metropolitan Board of Directors, the Chatfield Farms West Homeowners Association, the Boy Scouts of America, Pack 625, and currently the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office’s Community Safety Volunteer Program. I understand the commitment to community, and applaud Paul and the staff of KCRMD and KCRMA for their dedication to making Ken-Caryl a great place to live. We are excited to be a part of this project, and are busy consolidating project information, and drafting advertisements for architectural and general contractor services. Please keep an eye out for the hard hat logo and project updates in future issues of Life at Ken-Caryl.

Lisa Lorman
Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Ken-Caryl Ranch