Bond Projects Community Open Houses

Comments from March 18, 2015 Bond Projects Open House

There was an open house for all residents to view design plans on Wednesday, March 18 at the Ranch House.

Open House Comments on Community Center
Open House Comments on Dakota Lodge/Ranger Station
Open House Comments on Ranch House
Open House Comments on Parks/Playgrounds/Landscaping/Signs

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email bondprojects@kcranch.org.

Comments from Feb. 10, 2015 Bond Projects Open House

A community-wide open house was held at the Ranch House on Feb. 10. The purpose of the meeting was to gather resident input on proposed bond projects and priorities for each of the 3 campuses: Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge. Comments were also gathered related to a fourth category of bond-funded projects that includes parks, playgrounds, landscaping and signs.

In addition to the list of priorities, large photos or “image sheets” were displayed that allowed residents to indicate their preference for the character and look-and-feel of interior spaces and exterior facades. The image sheets referenced a range of style from traditional to contemporary. The goal was to gauge the resident’s sense of style at each campus.

More than 100 residents participated in the open house. Residents viewed a summary list of the priorities for each campus and provided copious comments on oversized sheets. Please see the following links for resident comments:

Community Center Campus
Dakota Lodge Campus
Ranch House Campus

The open house comments have been further summarized and compiled along with focus group comments on the following links:

Community Center Campus Priorities & Comment Summary
Dakota Lodge Campus Priorities & Comment Summary
Ranch House Campus Priorities & Comment Summary

If after reviewing the materials you have comments or questions on any aspect of the bond projects, please send your thoughts to bondprojects@kcranch.org.

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