Financial Information

At the Joint Study Session meeting on June 2, representatives from Vanir Construction Management, Sink Combs Dethlefs Architecture & Design, and Adolfson & Peterson Construction presented revised pricing for the bond improvement projects. The presentation identified scope reductions, more detailed drawings and specifications from which to price, a revised approach to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems along with creative means and methods for achieving the project goals.

Following the presentations, A&P utilized a live spreadsheet to move project components from base (original) or alternate (options) scope of work to generate a working total amount. Many tough decisions were made by both the Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards to maximize improvements and minimize behind-the-walls work that would increase the life span of the facilities but not be a noticeable improvement to residents. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Joint Study Session Boards recommended the reassignment of bond funds from the Parks, Playgrounds and Landscaping projects (bucket 4) to fund the budget shortfall for the Ranch House, Community Center and Dakota Lodge projects. The design team will work within the approved, reallocated amount, maintaining the bucket 4 funds for signage, playgrounds and other identified priorities.

Please see the Bond Budget Spreadsheet for details.

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