Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report injured or dead wildlife?

When a wildlife injury call is received, Rangers may investigate as time allows or determine over the phone if the animal should be left alone to let nature take its course. If the injury is minor for a small mammal or bird, our advice may also be to take it to a licensed rehabilitator.
The Rangers use the same policy as Colorado Parks and Wildlife. If a deer/elk is injured but can still feed and walk on its own, then we let nature take its course. However, if the deer/elk is injured to the point it cannot feed or walk on its own, listing to one side, head/ears lowered, then Rangers (if on duty) will respond to euthanize the animal or direct the caller to contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
PARK RANGERS (303-979-1876, ext. 170) will only handle deer/elk. As time allows, a report of an injured or sick deer will be reviewed and any dead deer will be removed as soon as possible depending on the time of day and availability of a Park Ranger on duty. Many factors play into the response time including where the Ranger is on duty, trails, proximity to a truck, time of day, etc.
JEFFERSON COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL (303-271-5070) will remove any dead animals and advise on any other injured animals, for example, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc. Park Rangers keep a call log when reports come in referencing sightings and or concerns about animals in the open space and private property. The log assists the Rangers in detecting a pattern to behavior or injured activity of a certain animal and can report that information to follow-up calls by staff, Colorado Wildlife Officers or Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association members.
AFTER-HOURS ISSUES: If you have an emergency, dial 911. If you need to report illegal activity, please call Jefferson County Sheriff Dispatch at 303-277-0211. If you have a wildlife concern, please call Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303-291-7227. If after hours for wildlife, please call Colorado State Patrol at 303-239-4501, and they will contact the on-call Parks and Wildlife Officer.

What are the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District?

Ken-Caryl Ranch is governed by two distinct entities: the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District. These two entities work together to ensure sustainable success for the entire community.
The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association is a group of property owners bound together by a Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the purpose of operating and maintaining Association-owned property and preserving community standards. Monthly dues support covenant and architectural control, Master Association-owned open space, weekly trash and recycling service, the Equestrian Center, and communications.
The affairs of the Master Association are managed by a five-member Board of Directors and a professional staff. All property owners, both commercial and residential, are automatic members of the Master Association. As such, they pay monthly dues and observe architectural controls and covenants. In return, members may enjoy Master Association facilities, programs, and services and exercise voting privileges. Members of neighborhoods with subassociations might pay an additional assessment to a subassociation organization that owns and maintains property in particular neighborhoods.
The Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District is organized as a Special District under Title 32 of the Constitution of the State of Colorado. This system of local government combines the political leadership of elected officials (in the form of a five-member Board of Directors) with the managerial experience of a professional manager and staff. The Metropolitan District was formed in 1988. The residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch voted to form the District, thereby creating a mill levy (property tax) as a means to enhance recreational activities for the community. The District also provides park and facility maintenance. Having a Metropolitan District saves residents money because of the tax-exempt status. It has enabled additional funding from the state lottery dollars and Jefferson County joint venture grants. The District’s revenues are derived from property taxes, grants and user fees.

What is the correct pronunciation for Ken-Caryl?

While many people, including residents, pronounce the name of this community as “Ken Carl,” it is actually pronounced “Ken Carroll.” Former Ken-Caryl Ranch owner John Shaffer’s two sons, after whom the Ranch was named, were Kent and Carroll Shaffer.

Who lives on Ken-Caryl Ranch?

We are all one community: Ken-Caryl Ranch. There is often confusion about the relationship between the different areas of Ken-Caryl. Lands on both sides of C-470 are part of the same community: Ken-Caryl Ranch. In other words, we all live “on the Ranch,” whether we live in the Valley, the Plains or the North Ranch. Lands east of C-470 are the Plains residential neighborhoods and the Business Center. The Valley, South Valley and North Ranch are the names of the lands west of C-470.

What is covered in my homeowner association dues?

Your dues support the Life at Ken-Caryl community newspaper, the trash and recycling program, architectural and covenant services, ownership and maintenance of the Equestrian Center, more than 4,800 acres of native open space, 45 miles of private trails, facilities, and playgrounds. The direct operating costs of the Equestrian Center are paid by user fees, and Life at Ken-Caryl production and distribution costs are covered by advertising revenue.

How do I pay my homeowner association dues?

Master Association dues payments are due on the 1st of each month and are late after the 15th. We offer several methods to pay your dues, and they are all outlined on the Pay My Account page.

How do I get approval to make changes to the exterior of my property?

Approval is required prior to making exterior improvements. Examples (too many to be all inclusive) include decks, windows, painting, solar panels, roofs, siding, fences, landscaping, sheds, patios and air-conditioning units. Section II of the Home Improvement Guidelines outlines the procedures for Architectural Committee approval. The architectural review process guidelines consist of completion of an online submittal form and attachment of clear and concise information explaining the improvement. Details and the online form are available on the Home Improvements page. Please allow two weeks for review, and a response letter will be mailed to the owner. Please contact Kristen Peterka at 303-979-1876, ext. 109, or email kristenp@kcranch.org for more information.

How do I register for classes and events?

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District offers a variety of classes and events. For a full listing, go to the Programs & Activities link on this website or see Life at Ken-Caryl. Classes are also listed in the District Dimensions catalog that comes out every spring.
• Online: Go to https://apm.activecommunities.com/kcranchmetrodistrict
• Phone-In: Ranch House 303-979-1876, Community Center 303-979-2233.
• Walk-In: Ranch House or the Community Center during normal business hours.
• Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover accepted. Check and cash accepted for walk-in and mail-in.

How do I access the pool and fitness facilities?

Resident validation for the fitness facilities at the Community Center can be done at the facility. Those seeking resident discounts must show proof of residency (within the Metro District boundaries) to validate their Summer Swim Pass. To renew or get setup, you must present one of the following:
A valid Colorado Driver’s License
Warranty Deed
Colorado ID
Lease Agreement
Property Tax Statement

Proof of residency must have applicant’s name and valid KCRMD address. If you have questions regarding residency call the Ranch House for assistance at 303-979-1876.

Where do I pay my water bill?

Water and Sanitation services on Ken-Caryl Ranch are provided by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Water and Sanitation District. The Water District is a Colorado special district whose charge is to provide water and sewer services for Ken-Caryl Ranch. The Water District purchases its water for Ken-Caryl Ranch from the Denver Water Department for ultimate distribution to residential, commercial and governmental users. The Water District is located at 10698 W. Centennial Road on Ken-Caryl Ranch and can be reached at 303-979-7424. You can make payments or enroll in e-statement billing at their office or online at www.ken-carylwater.org.

Who plows the streets?

The Jefferson County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for snow removal on residential streets and roadways within Jefferson County. Residents need to be aware that when weather conditions continue to deteriorate, county crews make every effort to get to side streets only after clearing primary thoroughfares. Main routes used by emergency response vehicles take priority. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) operates plows on state roads and highways. The county policy for snow removal procedures identifies the order in which plowing and sanding operations occur based on budget and resource allocation. If you have questions regarding snow removal, please call the Jefferson County Road and Bridge Department at 303-271-5200. Neither Master Association dues nor Metro District taxes cover the expense of plowing Ken-Caryl Ranch streets and thoroughfares. Ranch staff does not have the resources to, and are not responsible for, clearing streets in the Valley or on the Plains of Ken-Caryl Ranch.

Snow Removal Clarifications

Driveways: Driveways are the responsibility of the property owner or resident to clear.

Mailboxes: Mailboxes installed alongside the traveled roadway are at the risk of the owner. Postal regulations require residents to clear snow in front of mailboxes to allow for mail delivery.

Snow Pushed Onto County Street or Right-of Way: The practice of pushing or throwing snow onto or across Jefferson County streets endangers the traveling public as well as county snowplow operators. Jefferson County residents as well as private contractors may receive a warning and/or summons for snow pushed onto county streets and rights-of-way from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, etc.

Parked or Abandoned Vehicles: Streets on which vehicles have been abandoned or otherwise parked so as to restrict the safe and continuous operation of snow removal equipment may not be plowed until those vehicles are removed.

Requests for Emergency Snow Removal: All requests for emergency snowplowing should go to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. If the request is valid, they will notify the Road & Bridge Division and will respond as soon as possible.

Snow Removal on Ranch-Owned Property: The Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Parks Department is responsible for snow removal on Ranch-owned property. Parks crews are dispatched when snow begins to accumulate on sidewalks and roads. The snow removal plan consists of two phases. If you have any questions or you feel an area has not been addressed according to the following plan, please contact Parks Director Pat Malloy at 303-979-1876, ext. 300.

Who collects my trash?

The Master Association has contracted with Waste Connections for trash and recycling services. Each neighborhood has a designated day for pick up. The cost for this service is included in the membership dues that are paid to the Master Association by homeowners. Along with a volume-discounted price, just one trash removal vehicle and one recycling vehicle on just one day of the week will be in your neighborhood. Should you have questions, call the Ranch House at 303-979-1876 or visit www.wcdenver.com. Residents have the option of using their own trash and recycling containers (either trash cans or bags) or of using 96-gallon totes provided at no charge by Waste Connections. The totes have wheels and are 42 inches tall, the top measures 30×34 inches, and the bottom is 24×24 inches. If you prefer to use the totes, send an email to kencarylco@wasteconnections.com, say that you want to sign up for totes and provide your name, address, email address and phone number. You can request both trash and recycling totes, just a trash tote, or just a recycling tote.

Waste Connections Large Item Pick-Up Policy: If you have a large item such as furniture or a large amount of bags, please call Waste Connections at 303-288-2100 at least 24 hours in advance of your pickup day to arrange for a special pick up. Picking up these items will require a fee.

What holidays are observed by the trash company?

Waste Connections observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day (unless the holiday falls on a weekend day, in which case the regular schedule is followed). During these holiday weeks, trash removal will be delayed one day if your scheduled pickup falls on or after the holiday (i.e. if a holiday falls on a Wednesday, trash removal will be delayed one day for everyone scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.)

Can you help me find a contractor I can trust? How can I let others know about my experience with a particular contractor?

Several years ago the Contractor Reference Book was created in an effort to assist homeowners who wish to hire professionals in making improvements to their property. The Contractor Reference Book is divided into two large notebooks (one for exterior and one for interior projects) in the Community Standards Office at the Ranch House and contains information provided by homeowners for the benefit of others living on Ken-Caryl Ranch. We have now added a Contractor Reference Database online. You can look through references online from homeowners as well as submit references for work you’ve had done. If you plan to paint your house, install new windows or a new roof, add a new deck, re-landscape, hire a plumber or a handyman, or fence your property, the Contractor Reference Book and the online Contractor Reference Database may be helpful to you.

Can I rent Ken-Caryl Ranch facilities for private functions?

Yes, you can rent rooms at the Ranch House and Dakota Lodge for a variety of uses. Facility details and rental information are available on our Facilities Reservation page.

Who can hike on Ken-Caryl Ranch trails?

The majority of trails on Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space are open only to residents and their accompanied guests. For a list of trails and a trail map, see our Trails page or stop by the Ranch House or Dakota Lodge for a copy of the trail map. When using private Open Space areas, be prepared to prove Master Association membership by presenting an ID bracelet or other approved identification. Open Space ID bracelets can be obtained with proper identification at the Ranch House Recreation Desk or Community Center.

What is the policy for garage sale, political and real estate signs?

The Master Association has established signage policies to maintain an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood while offering an opportunity for residents to advertise garage sales, use political signs and advertise homes for sale or rent. Garage sale signs may be purchased at the Ranch House. For up-to-date signage policies, please see our Signage Policies page.

What are the rules about parking vehicles on Ken-Caryl Ranch?

Some vehicles such as commercial vehicles, motorcycles and inoperable vehicles are not permitted to be parked outside of an enclosed structure. Recreational vehicles or boats have restrictions which allow them to be parked for two non-consecutive days during a seven-day period. See the Parking Rules page for more information.

Are door-to-door solicitors allowed on Ken-Caryl Ranch?

There are no ordinances or laws prohibiting individuals from soliciting door to door on Ken-Caryl Ranch. There are laws against trespassing. Neither the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association nor the Metropolitan District has the authority to ban door-to-door solicitors from Ken-Caryl Ranch.

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