Budget Town Hall and MA/MD Joint Study Session, Sept. 1, 2020

On Sept. 1, the MA and MD Boards convened for a Budget Town Hall meeting. Below is a summary of this meeting:

  • Historical Society Chair Jim Antes gave an overview of activities of the Historical Society and requested a water supply line at the Bradford Perley House. Staff provided Jim an update on the cost of extending a water line to the Bradford Perley House. The cost would be approximately $2,500 and could be accomplished this fall.
  • Rilla Reinsma discussed the importance of fencing and signage to preserve the South Hogback Open Space. She also wants to delay funding of a biological study for the South Docmann area. She also expressed support for a resident survey in 2021.
  • Eric Mercer requested a regulation sand volleyball court in the community. He said about 40 residents have expressed interest in a volleyball court. Staff suggested asking for resident feedback via the next resident survey to gauge interest in courts.
  • Jerry Sullivan requested a committee and funding for community perimeter fences. He also wants emphasis on medians. He is also concerned about streetlights and funding for electricity. He also doesn’t like the fence color around the Ranch House. Scotty Martin mentioned the idea of doing an assessment on some of these topics.
  • Kayla Kirkpatrick asked about previous task forces and committees.
  • Staff provided an overview of the Community Collaboration Group, which is made up of two members of the Master Association Board, two members of the Metropolitan District Board, the Master Association Executive Director, and the Metropolitan District Manager.
  • Staff presented the idea of funding collaboration for Forestry/Parks Maintenance and provided a status on the state of urban forestry in Ken-Caryl Ranch. The Boards expressed support for funding collaboration and will discuss further at their respective Board meetings.
  • Staff provided an update on insurance for the two entities. Staff is in the process of performing a full audit of insurance. The Boards will look at either a Cooperative Agreement or a 3rd Amendment to the Reorganization Agreement to clearly outline the insurance arrangement between the two entities.
  • Jerry Sullivan expressed concern about a homeless person sleeping in Settlement Park. Staff is aware and has spoken to the individual. He also expressed concern about crossings in the Plains.
  • Jim Fodor expressed concern about tree replacement and wants more funding for trees. He thinks too much money is spent in open space and is concerned about liability in the open space and weed control.


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