Spring Storm Causes Damage to Ranch House Tennis Courts

Updated June 6, 2020

A significant storm caused a great deal of damage to the Ranch House tennis courts. A portion of the courts are CLOSED until we can clear the rest of the trees and assess the full extent of the damage. Crews were deployed this evening to take down two trees that could have caused additional damage. Please DO NOT enter the area that has been closed off with caution tape.

Crews did a sweep of sidewalks and greenbelts to move limbs and trees from the paths. Crews will be out starting Monday to remove the debris. We appreciate your patience in this effort as it will take at least a week, if not more, and it will impact our regular duties such as mowing, irrigation and regular maintenance.

While attending to the damage this evening, many neighbors asked how they could help. Once we have an opportunity to fully assess the damage to the tennis courts and ensure the safety for people to be within close proximity, we will let you know how we could use your assistance.

Thank you for your offer!

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