Children at Play Signs

Children at Play Signs

In a regular meeting on Dec. 14, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Architectural Committee reviewed the current signage rules and appendix for language involving Children at Play signage. The committee has decided that these signs are permitted on Ken-Caryl Ranch and will be submitting to the Master Association Board for the rule to include specific verbiage for Children at Play signs to the appendix of the Home Improvement Rules and Regulations “Garage Sale/Miscellaneous Signage Policy” under “Acceptable Uses for Signs.”

The committee agreed in the interest of aesthetics that the signs must be temporary, professionally made, and should be used as intended, to control traffic while children are present. Therefore we ask that they are put away when appropriate. Sandwich boards, child forms and lawn stake signs, professionally made, and in good condition are acceptable signage options for this purpose.

Until recently, Jefferson County specifically recommended a sign that says, “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” which comes from an online organization for child safety, www.drivelikeyourkidslivehere.com. In October 2017 Jefferson County updated their website and is no longer promoting any one product for this purpose. Click here for more information from Jefferson County https://www.jeffco.us/2861/Traffic-Control-and-Lighting.

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Architectural Committee does not promote or recommend any one product or manufacturer.

Proposed “Children at Play” language from the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Architectural Committee:
Child at Play signage must be professionally made temporary signs. We ask that these temporary signs are removed when children are not at play.”


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