Coyotes Active On Ken-Caryl Ranch

Recently, there have been several coyote sightings on Ken-Caryl Ranch. Coyotes in populated areas are less fearful of people, and they have been known to attack pets and approach people too closely. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has put together the following information regarding co-existing with coyotes.

If a Coyote Approaches You:
• Do not run or turn your back.
• Be as big and loud as possible.
• Wave your arms and throw objects.
• Face the coyote and back away slowly.
• If attacked, fight back.

Protect Your Pets:
• Keep pets on a short leash.
• Use extra caution dusk through dawn.
• Avoid known or potential den sites and thick vegetation.
• Do not allow dogs to interact with coyotes.

If You Have Concerns About an Encounter With a Coyote:
• Recreate during daylight hours.
• Walk with a walking stick.
• Keep a deterrent spray handy.
• Carry noisemakers or rocks to throw.

Avoid Coyote Conflicts in Your Neighborhood:
• Never Feed Coyotes!
• Remove attractants from your yard, including pet food, water sources, birdfeeders and fallen fruit.
• Secure trash in a container with a locking lid or put trash out on the morning of pick up.
• Never approach wildlife. If a coyote approaches, yell, throw rocks or sticks at it, spray with a hose, or bang pots and pans.

Your Pet & Coyotes:
• Keep pets on a six-foot leash when walking.
• Never allow your pets to “play” with a coyote.
• Pick up small pets if confronted by a coyote.
• Always supervise your pet when outside, especially at dawn or dusk.
• Never leave cats or dogs outside after dark.
• Don’t leave pet food outside.
• If you must leave your pet outside, secure it in a fully-enclosed kennel.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Ken-Caryl Ranch Park Rangers at 303-979-1876, ext. 170.

Ken-Caryl Ranch