Dec. 4 Metropolitan District Board Meeting Summary

Dec. 4 Metropolitan District Board Meeting Summary

On Dec. 4, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board held a regular business meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Recreation Director Amy Lear reported that almost 40 new fitness memberships have been sold during the Community Center membership drive. Pickleball kitchen lines have been added to the tennis courts at Bradford. A new women’s mountain biking class will be offered next year.
  • Joe Levy gave an overview of a citizens meeting he organized on Nov. 26. He expressed his concerns with the proposed pool fees.
  • Rilla Reinsma thanked the MD Board for the budget work. She suggested the MD Board institute a fee for open space ID bracelets.
  • The Board continued the public hearing on the 2019 proposed budget. Staff presented an overview of the proposed budget changes and feedback received from residents. Due to public input, the Board decided not to charge pay-per-use pool fees in 2019. However, a target amount of $55,000 for revenue and cost savings from pools was set. Staff presented ideas for pool revenue generation and cost savings such as rotating pool schedules, a pool pass verification administrative fee, and/or adjusting pool hours. Community input will be sought in 2019 to determine how to generate the revenue and save on expenses. The 2019 budget was adopted.
  • Staff updated the Board on progress for a Metropolitan District Strategic Plan.
  • A motion passed appointing the members of the Community Planning Committee for 2019. The committee is a joint committee with the Master Association. The committee size will increase to 13, and the following new members were appointed: Rachel Carter, Meg Hollingsworth, Jordan Kelsey, Jennifer Manta, Jeffrey Nesheim, Rilla Reinsma, Stephen Saul, Trey Spiller, and Philip Varley.
  • The Board passed a resolution adopting fees and charges for 2019 subject to determination of pool revenue and cost savings.


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