Home Improvement and Community Rules Document Draft

A work group comprised of resident volunteers from the Covenant Control and Architectural Committees, as well as staff, have reviewed the current Home Improvement Rules document and submitted a draft of their suggested full revision to the Master Association Board for consideration. See the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Rules, Regulations, and Procedures for review. Residents are encouraged to review the draft document and provide feedback. Once feedback is compiled and necessary edits are made, a final draft will be submitted to the board for adoption at their August business meeting.

Residents Peggy Coen, Matt O’Brien, Bob Siegel, and Matt Thomson offered their valuable time and expertise as professionals and residents for several weekly meetings committed to a detailed review of the original document. Opportunities for continuity, clarification, and updates to out-of-date rules and policies were identified and addressed. The extent of the work involved a complete line-by-line revision of the document therefore an entirely new document was created.

Some of the differences from the original document include:

• Updated and consistent formatting throughout the document.
• Clarification of some rules such as Parking and Temporary Sign Posting.
• Rules added to reflect trends in projects such as large-scale demolition and reconstruction projects.
• Rules added to address new trends in products and installations like swim spas, composting equipment, and fire pits.
• Updated and refined submittal requirements for Home Improvement Rules.
• Policies and best practices for procedures and enforcement.
• Improved formatting to make the document easier to read and allow for keyword searches and embedded links online.


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