Jan. 8 Joint Study Session Meeting Summary

Jan. 8 Joint Study Session Meeting Summary

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards held a Joint Study Session on Jan. 8, 2019 and discussed the following items:

  • Ranch House Pool Replacement: Staff presented an update on the Ranch House Pool project. Revised design plans and projected costs will be presented at the Feb. 5 Joint Study Session. The revised pool plans include changes based on feedback from community meetings in 2018, and the plans will be presented to the community in February or March. The Boards discussed the funding for the pool. Due to the payment schedule of funds from the Plains Metro District lawsuit, the Master Association would need to pay some of the costs of the pool from the reserve fund and then be paid back by the Metro District as lawsuit settlement funds are received. The Boards will need to decide who will sign the construction contract – the Metropolitan District or the Master Association. There are different procurement guidelines for each organization.
  • District Strategic Plan: Melissa Daruna gave an update on strategic planning for the Metropolitan District. The plan is intended to give direction to the District for the next two years. The Boards discussed involving the Master Association in the planning process and calling the plan a Community Strategic Plan. This plan would work in conjunction with the existing Community Master Plan. The two Boards will discuss strategic planning at future Joint Study Sessions.
  • Reorganization Agreement Update: Seth Murphy provided an update on proposed revisions to the Reorganization Agreement between the Master Association and Metropolitan District. The changes include transferring responsibility of water taps on Master Association-owned property from the Metropolitan District to the Master Association. The Boards will review the proposed changes in February.
  • Increase in Water Rates: Staff informed the Board that the Ken-Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitation District is raising water rates in 2019. The Water District Board voted on the increase Dec. 19 and informed Metropolitan District staff on Jan. 7. Staff and the Boards will address options to control costs while maintaining healthy turf.


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