Joint Study Session March 3 Meeting Summary

The following is an update from the MA/MD Joint Study Session on Tuesday, March 3:

  • Staff provided information to the Boards regarding the cost overruns for the Ranch House Pool Project and asked the Boards to be prepared to discuss the issue further if budget requires. The Boards expressed interest in moving forward as a united community to ensure the project’s completion.
  • The Boards discussed if there was a need to standardize Board liaison appointments. The Boards discussed a best practice for Board liaisons is to inform and not necessarily influence. There was a suggestion for the MA Board to examine if rotating liaison appointments could be beneficial.
  • The Boards discussed general accessibility of the Ranch and if there are more actions that could or should be taken to increased inclusivity. The Boards cooperatively completed an ADA audit in 2012 that has been driving the improvements since that time.
  • Resident Jerry Sullivan suggested a study session on the governance of the Architectural Committee and the need for an appeal process. Resident Cathy Packard was concerned about the removal of the granite boulders and the placement of the dog waste bag dispensers and trash cans at Heirloom Park.
  • Master Association Executive Director DeSair announced that the North American Development Group is moving forward with the land purchase for housing development in the Plains. District Manager Wieland notified the Boards about the four candidates for the District Board and timeline for ballot certification.


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