Joint Study Session March 5 Meeting Summary

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards held a Joint Study Session on March 5 and discussed the following items:

The Boards discussed the Ranch House Pool replacement project. There are proposed cost savings from A.D. Miller to keep the budget within $3.6 million. Some design elements can be added in the future as budgets allow. The updated plans will be presented to the community at two open houses in March and posted online. Resident Dan Mullins expressed his concerns for some of the cost savings that are proposed and gave feedback on what should be added back in. Dan also gave an overview of an open book bid process vs. a lump sum bid. With the open book bid process, the general contractor portion of the contract wouldn’t be sent out for bid, but there would be three bids per trade area for construction costs.

The Metropolitan District will contribute $2.25 million from the Plains Metropolitan District lawsuit settlement. The Master Association will contribute the remainder from Reserves and Operations. The plan is to proceed with an open book bid process, and the Master Association Board will take action at its March 19 business meeting to authorize the Board President to execute the contract for the pool. The project will be jointly managed by both organizations.

The Boards discussed the Second Agreement to the Reorganization Agreement. The Boards plan to adopt it at their respective business meetings in March. The amendment outlines transferring financial responsibility for Master Association-owned water taps to the Master Association.

Kayla Kirkpatrick gave an overview of her discussions with the Water Department regarding rate increases and transparency.

Andy Lydens thanked Seth Murphy for his service to the Board and the community.

The Boards discussed the proposed biological survey for the South Hogback. The MD Board emphasized that no decision has been made, and trails and fences are not planned at this time. The biological survey will help the MD Board understand the options before a decision is made.


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