Joint Study Session Oct. 1 Meeting Summary

On Oct. 1, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards held a Joint Study Session and discussed the following items:

  • Budget Discussion: The Boards discussed 2020 budgets for both organizations. Discussion focused on unfunded items related to the pool and various other proposed projects. The current upcoming needs of both organizations exceed projected revenues. The Master Association Board is considering a $2, $3, or $4 dues increase to fund some of the items. Staff will prioritize the unfunded list and present options for the Board.
  • Ranch House Pool Project Update: The pool pier drilling finished ahead of schedule, but the pool builder is not scheduled to start for two more weeks. Staff presented lighting options for the pool deck lighting. To match the current carriage-style lights that are in the Ranch House parking lot and greenbelts, there would be $21,000 cost increase. The Boards are supportive of using the lower-cost light fixtures and eventually transitioning to the new style of light throughout the Ranch.
  • Community Planning Committee: The Boards discussed the future direction of the Community Planning Committee. Staff will discuss options with the committee at the next CPC meeting.
  • Resident Jim Fodor stressed the importance of aesthetics for the new Ranch House Pool. He also talked about the importance of the Community Planning Committee and diversity of viewpoints.
  • Resident Jerry Sullivan asked if there is the possibility of an insurance claim on the Dakota Lodge structural repairs. He also asked the Boards to revisit the Intergovernmental Agreement with Foothills for the Ridge Recreation Center. He also requested funding for Ranch House baseball field maintenance for the Ken-Caryl Little League. KCLL is willing to spend $10,000 on the field if there are matching funds from the Master Association or the Metropolitan District.


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