Joint Study Session Sept. 3 Meeting Summary

On Sept. 3, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards held a Joint Study Session and discussed the following items:

  • Chris Pacetti read a message from Historical Society Chair Jim Antes regarding Bradford Perley House structural work. The Historical Society received two estimates for the work, ranging from $47,000 to $52,000. The group is pursuing grant opportunities but is also requesting an annual $5,000 Bradford Perley House Preservation Fund be added to the Master Association’s budget.
  • Resident Ruth Sundberg brought up insulation issues in the Indoor Riding Arena and rocks in the Outdoor Arena at the Equestrian Center. She also requested more staff at the Equestrian Center and expressed concerns about pool wristbands.
  • Resident Jim Fodor distributed a letter to the Board members. He requested an Incident Report Form be implemented for the community and stressed the importance of aesthetics at the new Ranch House Pool.
  • Resident Linda Metzger expressed concerns about the proposed crosswalk on Valley Parkway, the soft-surface to hard-surface trail conversion, new kiosks in the open space, and the cost of trash cans at the Ranch House Pool.
  • Resident Cathy Packard thanked Pat Malloy for all of his efforts with the Parks Department and as the Interim District Manager. She requested additional resources for the Parks Department. She also expressed concerns about double yellow lines and the need for bike lanes on Valley Parkway.
  • Resident Rilla Reinsma had questions about pool furniture and shade.
  • Resident Doug Graham reported that the Open Space Committee recommends an asbestos pipe in the open space be removed because it is potentially hazardous.
  • Staff reported that the new Ranch House Pool is currently ahead of schedule.
  • The Boards support adopting meeting guidelines for use at Joint Study Sessions. The Master Association Board has already adopted the guidelines, and the Metropolitan District Board will need to adopt them at their regular business meeting.
  • The new District Manager, Traci Wieland, will start on Sept. 23.
  • The Metropolitan District will be reviewing the Employee and Board Member Recreational Benefits Program policy as part of the full review of the Employee Handbook.
  • Resident Jim Fodor expressed concerns about audience and committee member behavior at Open Space Committee meetings.


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