KCR Open Space ID Bracelets for 2016-2018

KCR Open Space ID Bracelets for 2016-2018

The best trails at Ken-Caryl Ranch are private and on land owned and managed by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association. Park Rangers are directed to contact trail users on the private trails to determine residency in order to protect this valuable asset. The fact is that the Park Rangers have no way of knowing whether the people they see on the trails are indeed authorized to be there unless they stop every individual and determine their residency status or the user displays a proper ID Bracelet.

If you are wearing the bracelet while using the trails and a Park Ranger approaches, he/she will recognize the highly visible ID bracelet and, as long as you are obeying all of the posted rules, you will pass unencumbered by the inquiries of a Park Ranger. The proper areas to display the bracelets are listed below:
• HIKER/RUNNER – On wrist, waist, backpack strap or on a dog leash handle.
• BIKER – The handlebars near the stem is best.
• EQUESTRIAN – Saddle strap in front of the leg

Remember, Park Rangers normally only see a “frontal” view of an oncoming trail user, and the more one can see the bracelet the better.

New for 2016-18 Years is a Day-Glow Green Bracelet!
To obtain your own Green ID bracelet (if you have a BLUE bracelet it is no longer valid past Dec. 31, 2015) go to the Recreation Office at the Ranch House at 7676 South Continental Divide Road or the Community Center at 1 Club Drive beginning Jan. 2, 2016. You will need to sign a simple registration form and provide one item below to show proof of residency:
1. A valid Colorado Driver License with current KCR address.
2. A valid Colorado I.D. with current KCR address.
3. A valid property tax statement with the applicant’s name for the current KCR address.
4. A valid warranty deed with the applicant’s name for the current KCR address.
5. A valid lease/rental agreement with the applicant’s name for the current KCR address.

There is no cost. Bracelets are issued only two per household and now can be temporarily transferred to house guests! It is not mandatory to have an ID bracelet when using Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space, but if you don’t have an ID bracelet, be prepared to stop and answer questions from a Park Ranger. If you have any questions, please contact the Park Rangers at 303-979-1876, ext. 170.


  1. Ileane Kopelson

    I read your ranger article regarding leashing dogs in the open space and picking up their waste.
    As a regular hiker in the Ken Caryl open space I will tell you that I’m much more upset about coming across horse dung than I am about dog poop. It’s absolutely disgusting and extremely unpleasant. I don’t see how horse poop could be considered any less environmentally harmful as is dog waste. Why is it that you don’t require equestrians to bag their horses and clean up their waste that can pile up to several feet. Please don’t tell me its not practical or that it isn’t necessary because it biodegrades quickly. If you want dog owners to pick up after their dogs then the same legal requirements should apply to horse owners.

    Ileane Kopelson

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