Ken-Caryl Ranch Beacon-Tincup Fuels Management Project

Ken-Caryl Ranch Beacon-Tincup Fuels Management Project

In spring 2016 the Colorado State Forest Service – Golden District (CSFS) entered into a service agreement with the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association to oversee the implementation and completion of a fuels reduction project in Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space (KCROS). In accordance with the KCROS Forest Stewardship Plan, CSFS staff have identified approximately 31.3 acres to be treated to improve fuel breaks and wildfire suppression opportunities along the KCROS trail system.

The total project area is divided into three operating units. Unit 1 is eight acres and will be treated by removing 80 percent of the Gambel oak to establish a mosaic of openings and healthy clumps of retained Gamble oak. Unit 2 is 21 acres and has previously been treated and will be retreated to maintain the previously established mosaic pattern. Unit 3 is 2.3 acres and has also been previously treated and work will consist of removing intermediate sized conifers and retaining larger, mature conifers more resistant to wildfire.

CSFS has flagged the boundaries of all units and clearly marked all trees for removal within Unit 3 using blue paint. By completing Unit 1 and retreating Units 2 and 3, a singular fuel break will be completed within the Beacon Hill and Tin Cup areas. See Beacon Area Map for more details.

Project Summary
In July 2016, bids were solicited for the treatment of all units in KCROS. The KCRMA Board of Directors reviewed the bids and selected Oettel Enterprises LLC to perform the work. The operational period for the project is set for Sept. 6 to Nov. 1. During the operational period be aware of machinery in the area and vehicles accessing the staging site. CSFS will make semi-weekly visits to the project site to check on work progress and ensure compliance with prescribed standards. If there are any questions regarding the project, please contact the Rangers at 303-979-1876, ext. 170.


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