Ken-Caryl Ranch Hazard Tree Reduction Project 2015

Ken-Caryl Ranch Hazard Tree Reduction Project 2015

In spring 2015 the Colorado State Forest Service – Golden District (CSFS) entered into a service agreement with the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association to oversee the implementation and completion of a hazard tree reduction project in Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space (KCROS). In accordance with the KCROS forest stewardship plan, Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) staff has identified approximately 420 trees in KCROS that pose a potential threat to the safety of trail users. Work sites were identified along Massey Draw, Shaffer, Lost Canyon and High Meadow Trails. Trees were deemed hazardous if they were dead or severely damaged and within 2.5 times their own height of any trail. CSFS has clearly marked all hazardous trees for removal with a vertical stripe of blue paint. For safety, trees will be cut as near to the ground as possible, and tree boles are required to be in contact with the ground. Trees that fall across a trail will have the section of the stem covering the trail removed along with any limbs within 10 feet of the trail. To retain a natural-looking forest, limbing will not be required otherwise.

In July 2015, bids were solicited for the treatment of all identified hazardous trees in KCROS. All bids were reviewed by CSFS, and recommendations were presented to the KCRMA Board of Directors at the August meeting. The KCRMA Board selected P&A Forestry as the contractor for the project. The operational period for the project is set for Oct. 1 to Nov. 1 dependent on weather and work site conditions. Because of the hazardous nature of the work, contractors will be required to perform work in crews of at least two. Because trails will not be closed while work is performed, a KCROS Ranger will be at the work site to control trail traffic and ensure public safety. During the project, CSFS will make semi-weekly visits to the project site to check on work progress and ensure compliance with prescribed standards.

Please contact the Ranger Staff with any questions about the project at 303-979-1876, ext.170.


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