Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Fee Changes

Throughout 2019, the Metropolitan District will be updating fees for programs and services. The adjustments are being made to ensure the District’s program costs (both direct and indirect) are covered by program fees. Where programs are already at a break-even or better level and fees are competitive with industry standards, fees may not be adjusted this year. Other programs and services, however, will need fee increases or adjustments. Some specific programs and services where fees will be amended are:

• Credit / Debit Card Processing – 4.25% increase
For those paying for programs with a credit or debit card, you will now see an increase of 4.25% per transaction, which will help offset $90,000 the District pays in card processing fees each year. Payments made with cash or check will not be subject to the increased fee. The District has consulted its legal team and other professionals in the credit card industry to determine that as a governmental entity, it is exempt from the law that prohibits charging patrons for credit card fees.

• Non-Resident Fees – Increases to reflect 20% higher fee than resident rates.
The District charges non-residents at least 20% more to attend programs and the facilities. The District will continue to evaluate non-resident fees and increase where possible to 20% higher or more where appropriate.

• Youth Programming Fees – Fees will be increased or adjusted to achieve cost recovery goals.
Fees will be adjusted to appropriately reflect changing schedules and remain competitive. Fee increases include annual registration fees for Before & After School programs, Preschool tuition and Camp deposits. Please refer to the website for individual program fee adjustments. See Youth Programs Info.

• Fitness Center Fees – New fee structure to offer patrons membership options.
Membership options will include gym-only, class-only punch cards, or gym and classes included on a monthly or annual basis. Please see the website for a complete fee structure update. See Fitness Facility Fees.

• Aquatic Program Fees – Increased fees for swim lessons, aqua exercise, and new revenue sources to be determined.
The District is working with residents on creative solutions to offset the cost of pools. The District Board agreed not to charge daily use fees in 2019, but additional revenue and cost savings are still necessary to help with the high cost of operating three pools each summer.

• Rental Space Fees – Increases for prime rental hours.
There will be changes and increases for rental spaces during prime hours of weekend rentals. Fees will now be charged to community, school, and business park groups who wish to rent meeting space after hours and on weekends as well. See Facility Reservations Fees.

Please visit the website and individual program pages to see the most current fees for programs and facilities. Please note that summer programming information will be published online in the coming months. As the District continues to work toward long-term financial sustainability, we also continue to welcome your questions and feedback. Please keep an eye out for more community forums as we develop our Community Strategic Plan.


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