MA Board Approves $3 Per Month Dues Increase for 2018

MA Board Approves $3 Per Month Dues Increase for 2018

With a 3-2 vote at its Dec. 12 meeting, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board approved a $3 per month increase in dues. The dues for 2018 will be $52 per month. If you pay your residential dues through your bank’s online bill pay, you will need to adjust the payment amount to $52 starting in January. If your dues are paid by automatic withdrawal through the Master Association’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) process, then you don’t need to do anything. The amount will be adjusted automatically starting with the January payment. If you would like to pay your dues in one annual payment, the amount is $624.

See the Approved Budget for details. Several one-time projects are included in the budget:

• Bond Project Expenses: $162,000 for unexpected expenses with the bond projects primarily due to asbestos testing and abatement, permitting, and legal fees.
• Supplemental Funding for the Ranch House Pool Replacement: $226,000 toward construction costs for a new pool at the Ranch House. This money will help supplement the funding from the Plains Metro District lawsuit.
• Shared Water Expenses: $100,000 toward the water bill
• Docmann Trail Construction: $76,000 (Trail Club will pay the remaining $12,000)
• Stallion Pointe Trail Improvements: $16,000
• Phase 2 of a Fence Along the North Border: $5,000
• Trail Construction Supplies for the East Plum Thicket/Manzanita Social Trail Conversion: $15,000
• Open Space Picnic Tables: $5,000
• Easement/Right-of-Way Review: $7,000
• Docmann Fence/Gates: $5,000
• Electrical Box Upgrade at the Equestrian Center Main Barn: $3,500
• Ranch House Wading Pool Repairs: $5,000
• Tie Wall and Fence Replacement on Portion of Valley Parkway: $42,000
• Upgraded Bathrooms at the Bradford Pool: $11,000
• Noxious Weed Spraying in the Open Space Near the Manor House: $5,000

If you have any questions, please contact Master Association Executive Director Chris Pacetti at chrisp@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 116.


    1. Jerry Sullivan

      Victoria’s vote report is accurate. However, I was present during the board meeting on Dec. 12th, and the vote was not so simple. ALL board members sought to increase dues. Both Seth Murphy and Chris Figge favored a $2 per month increase, rather than $3, with Seth Murphy suggesting that Docmann trail construction be delayed until 2019, and that the expenditure for the “Tie Wall and Fence Replacement on Portion of Valley Parkway” (Colony neighborhood) be reduced from $68,000, after I requested that it be removed from the budget. It was unclear to me if the brief $2 v. $3 debate was sincere, as opposed to posturing for pet projects and saving face. Angela York, who resides in an apartment at The Escape and does not pay property taxes, argued emphatically that our dues were very low and should be increased, but from her statements in past meetings, it is apparent that Ms. York does not fully understand the MA-MD interrelationship, and how our KCRMD property taxes (20 mils) pay for about half of our expenses on KCR. That said, Ms. York, to her credit, was the sole board member in agreement with me and others that the $42,000 Colony fence replacement would set a precedent for the KCRMA to replace and assume financial responsibility for all perimeter fences on KCR. Yet, Ms. York voted for the $3 increase. Both, Erlinda Stafford and Dan Mullins were fully in favor of increasing dues by $3.

      1. Rick H

        Just so you are aware, the poor condition of the Colony fencing is a result of KC installation of sprinklers, pipes, and power boxes too close to retaining walls a few years back. The resulting displacement of soil, foundation and subsequent ground expansion caused the retaining walls to shift up to three feet into the adjoining fences, thus causing them to lean and, in some cases, fall. This is not the result of neglect or poor upkeep on the fence owners’ behalf but the result of construction on KC property. I would venture to say that all affected homeowners would readily remedy this issue if it were simply the results of normal wear and tear.
        I can understand the reluctance to this unique measure, but please understand, and be sensitive to, the unique circumstances. In fact, it is impossible to fix most sections of this fence without completely digging up the retaining wall and tearing up the adjacent ground (KC property).

  1. Frank Kotulak

    Just a curiosity question what happened to the “windfall” we supposedly got from the 100 year legal suit against the Plains Business District. Wasn’t there a 3 million dollar settlement in our favor?

    1. Victoria DeSair

      The settlement was for the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District, not the Master Association. The Plains Metro District is making payments to the KCR Metropolitan District.

    2. Bob Generoli

      Frank, the settlement is $3.5M payable to the KCR Metropolitan District over ~9 years. The District has indicated that it will contribute $2.25M towards rebuilding of the Ranch House pool facility, which is a Master Association owned property. The remainder will go towards upgrading of ball fields and related facilities.

  2. J

    Every article I have seen in the Newsletter said the dues increase was for various ONE TIME expenses. Therefore, this begs the questions if dues will return to previous levels once these one time expenses are funded. $3 doesn’t sound like much of a burden to an individual if the expenses are in fact required, but multiply that by thousands of residents and that adds up especially if it is not clear to us what happens to the additional monies collected after these one time expenses are funded. I wrote to Chris Pacetti about this and he did not have the answer. Does anyone know? If not, this would be a good question for someone to ask at a MA meeting or subject for an Letter to the Editor.

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