Master Association April 17 Board Meeting Summary

On April 17, the Master Association Board held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • A resident passed out a memo with questions for the Board and asked for a response.
  • Two residents expressed environmental concerns about Docmann Trail and requested the Board revisit the Docmann decision.
  • The Board reviewed a draft job description for a Trails Master Plan Update Task Force. The Board discussed hiring a facilitator to oversee the Task Force, and staff will research this option. The Board recommended discussing the Task Force with the Metropolitan District at the May Joint Study Session.
  • The Board reviewed the Open Space Committee’s response to a resident’s message about trespassing in the open space.
  • Staff said security patrols at various Ken-Caryl facilities and parks will start in late May. A security camera will be installed at Bradford Park in May.
  • The Board discussed the possibility of replacing a tie wall and fence along Valley Parkway. The tie wall is Master Association property, but the fence is the responsibility of the individual residents. Because the wall and fence are connected, the Board supports replacing the fence and splitting the cost with the homeowners. Staff will schedule a meeting with the affected homeowners.
  • The Board discussed the Draft Cooperative Agreement RE: Ranch House Pool Replacement/Renovation. The Board expressed concerns with some of the wording of the draft agreement, particularly regarding the payment obligations of the Metropolitan District. The Boards will discuss at the May Joint Study Session.
  • A motion passed naming Willow Springs connector trails – Golden Spike Trail & Powerline Trail.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to refund six years of over payment of commercial dues to a commercial property owner.
  • A motion passed authorizing Open Space Manager Sean Warren to execute the 2018 beekeeper agreement with Ed Galisewski.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to purchase new turnout panels from Port-A-Stall.
  • A motion was tabled regarding the amended Committee Appointment and Operating Procedure. The Board reviewed comments from three residents regarding changes to the procedure. The Board recommended more changes to the procedure and would like to discuss it again in May.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to enter into a contract with Valles Construction to perform pond maintenance work at the Dakota Lodge Pond.
  • The Equestrian Center Task Force Board liaison reported that the group discussed an app to manage the boarding waitlist.
  • The Board discussed the Metropolitan District’s finances, the Gallagher Amendment, and the potential for a Mill Levy increase.


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