Master Association April 21 Board Meeting Summary

On April 21, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Resident Randy Philips expressed concerns regarding the density and population impact of the new construction proposed in Ken-Caryl Ranch.
  • The Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force plans to present their report to the MA Board by August 2020.
  • The Brannon Gearhart West Trail Improvement Project has been completed within budget.
  • Ranch House pool construction is expected to be completed at the end of June due to weather delays and impacts from COVID-19. The project has a current budget shortfall due to unexpected structural issues.
  • The MA Employee Handbook will be changed to offer new full-time employees three weeks of PTO in the first year of employment.
  • A motion passed appointing Master Association Board officers and committee liaisons for 2020. The 2020 officers are as follows:
    • President: Scotty Martin
    • Vice President: Andy Lydens
    • Treasurer: Dave Seagraves
    • Secretary: Tom Bratschun
    • Director-at-Large: Chris Schroeder
    • Vice President: Victoria DeSair
    • Assistant Secretary: Kristen Peterka
  • Liaison positions are as follows:
    • Architectural Committee: Chris Schroeder
    • Covenant Committee: Chris Schroeder
    • Historical Society: Scotty Martin
    • Open Space Committee: Andy Lydens
    • Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force: Dave Seagraves
    • Metropolitan District Board: Tom Bratschun
    • Community Collaboration Workgroup: Chris Schroeder and Scotty Martin
    • Office Park Association: Tom Bratschun
    • Water District Board: Dave Seagraves
  • A motion passed adopting Resolution 20-01 indemnifying former Board member Chris Figge.
  • A motion passed adopting Resolution 20-02 indemnifying former Board member Erlinda Stafford.
  • A motion passed adopting Resolution 20-03 removing Chris Figge and Erlinda Stafford and adding President Bryan Scotty Martin and Treasurer David Seagraves to all Master Association bank accounts as authorized signers.
  • A motion passed appointing Curtis Crites to the Open Space Committee and Joe Rubino to the Covenant Control Committee.
  • A motion passed approving a contract with Valles Construction for asphalt to concrete conversion as part of the ongoing conversion project and soft surface to hard surface trail conversion for the Purple Ash Trail that connects Stratford Farms to Carriage Hill.
  • Victoria DeSair reported on Ranch House pool construction, current closures due to COVID-19, interviews for the vacant Community Administrator position and the increase in community Facebook engagement.


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