Master Association Board Aug. 20 Meeting Summary

On Aug. 20, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Resident John Fosholt spoke to the Board about the Deer Creek Canyon Fire and fireworks activity in the community. He reported about vandalized fireworks signs on his property.
  • Jim Fodor spoke about fireworks activity in Heirloom Park. He suggested discussing fireworks in May or June next year at a Board meeting.
  • Valley Parkway Crossing Project: Open Space Manager Sean Warren reported about engineering design needs and increased costs of the Valley Parkway Crossing Project. The Board suggested getting a quote for concrete work to get an idea of the cost.
  • Trail Club Agreement Update: Staff presented proposed changes to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Trail Club and the Master Association. The next step is review by the Trail Club.
  • Mountain Cedar Social Trail: The trail will remain a social trail and improvements will not be made.
  • 2020 Budget Discussion: Staff distributed a combined list of Master Association and Metropolitan District needs for 2020. Budget discussions will continue in September.
  • A motion passed authorizing the Board President to enter into a new access agreement with the West Ranch as amended. Language will be added about mandatory bracelet use. The Board suggested changing the language so only volunteers, not staff, are committed to helping with trail design and construction. Several edits were recommended and will be made in the agreement.
  • A motion passed adopting the amended Trails Implementation Process.
  • Scotty Martin asked about the purpose and goal of the Volunteer Trail Coordinator Program. Staff explained that volunteers are in place of a paid staff member, thereby saving the community money. Jim Fodor expressed his concerns about the Volunteer Trail Coordinator program and the reporting relationship between volunteers, staff, and the Board. Matt O’Brien also expressed concerns about the reporting relationship.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to enter into an extended contract for auditing services with James Moore and Associates.
  • A motion passed adopting the updated Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Rules, Regulations, and Procedures.
  • Scotty Martin requested to reschedule the October Board Meeting due to a personal conflict. The Board will reschedule the October Board Meeting to Oct. 22.
  • Chris Pacetti reported about Jonathan Sawyer’s construction activities at his home north of Ken-Caryl Ranch. He also discussed construction activity and open space access for the Westerly Apartments.


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