Master Association Board Jan. 15 Meeting Summary

Master Association Board Jan. 15 Meeting Summary

On Jan. 15, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular business meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Cheryl Mouton spoke to the Board regarding the foreclosure status on her property and asked the Board to reverse the sale of her property. The Board directed her to contact the Master Association’s attorney in writing. The Board will consult with the attorney and respond to Ms. Mouton if there is a change in the decision.
  • Jerry Sullivan requested display of Ken-Caryl Little League yard signs in private yards. Staff said the signage policy allows for youth activity yard signs and recommended Jerry contact the staff and Architectural Committee for further clarification.
  • The Board discussed funding for tree replacement in 2019. Currently, the Master Association Board has $10,000 allocated in the budget to replace trees in the community. The Metropolitan District cut funding due to the failure of the mill levy increase. The Board supports funding an additional $5,000 for trees.
  • The Board reviewed the Equestrian Center Task Force year-end report. The Board will review the task force’s recommended update to the Operational Guidelines and Facility Rules at the February business meeting. The Board thanked the current task force and is supportive of drafting a job description for a new task force.
  • A motion passed accepting the Equestrian Center Task Force Year-End Report.
  • The Board discussed the process to identify a new Executive Director to replace Chris Pacetti, who will retire at the end of 2019. The Board will continue the discussion at the February business meeting.
  • Staff provided an update on IT services for the Master Association and Metropolitan District.
  • The Board reviewed a draft Second Amendment to the Reorganization Agreement between the Master Association and the Metropolitan District. The draft agreement has the Master Association taking over financial responsibility for water taps on land and facilities that are owned by the Master Association.
  • A motion passed appointing Don Ebner, Dolores Ebner, and Martin Burdick to the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society Hall of Fame.
  • Chris Pacetti reported he is anticipating requests for waiving late fees on dues payments because of the Federal Government shutdown. The Board supports waiving late fees if requested.
  • The Office Park Association will have its annual meeting on Jan. 30 at 9:30 a.m. at Wedgewood Events Center.


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