Master Association Board March 19 Meeting Summary

On March 19, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular business meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Resident Rilla Reinsma questioned why the Master Association does not do seasonal trail closures for raptor nesting season. Open Space Manager Sean Warren addressed her concerns and said Master Association trails are outside the .5-mile buffer zone that is required by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The Board requested staff contact Jefferson County Open Space and Highlands Ranch to find out what trails are being closed, during what time periods, and why they are being closed if more than .5-mile outside the trail. Staff will communicate the answer to the Board and community.
  • The Board discussed the hiring committee to identify a new Executive Director for the Master Association. The next step will be for the committee to meet regarding the hiring process. Resident Bruce Heise addressed the Board and encouraged them to hire Victoria DeSair and not go through the hiring process. Resident Dan Mullins asked if the committee needs to meet in open forum. Because the hiring process is a personnel matter, the hiring committee meetings can be done in Executive Session.
  • The Board discussed whether to have an Equestrian Center Task Force since there were only two new applicants. The Board tabled the discussion until the April business meeting when Erlinda Stafford and Chris Pacetti are present.
  • A motion passed appointing Master Association Board officers and committee liaisons for 2019. The 2019 officers are as follows:
    o President: Chris Figge
    o Vice President: Dave Seagraves
    o Treasurer: Erlinda Stafford
    o Secretary: Andy Lydens
    o Director-at-Large: Scotty Martin
    o Vice President: Chris Pacetti
    o Assistant Secretary: Victoria DeSair
    The 2019 Board committee liaison appointments are as follows:
    o Chris Figge: Architectural and Covenant
    o Scotty Martin: Community Planning and Metropolitan District Board
    o Erlinda Stafford: Equestrian Center Task Force
    o Dave Seagraves: Office Park and Historical Society
    o Andy Lydens: Open Space Committee
  • A motion passed adopting Resolution 19-01 indemnifying former Board member Seth Murphy.
  • A motion passed authorizing an additional expenditure of $11,873 for pilot kiosk project. Funding source 2018 Special Project Fund.
  • A motion passed adopting the amended Volunteer Trail Coordinator Program Description.
  • A motion passed adopting Resolution 19-02 removing Seth Murphy and adding Board President Chris Figge to all Master Association bank accounts as an authorized signer.
  • A motion passed approving Exhibit D to the First Amendment to the Reorganization Agreement. Exhibit D shows a breakdown of how the 2014 bond money was spent and the useful life of the improvements that were made on Master Association property.
  • A motion passed approving the Second Amendment to the Reorganization Agreement. The amendment transfers financial responsibility for Master Association-owned water taps from the Metropolitan District to the Master Association.
  • A motion passed authorizing the Board President to enter into an open book bid process agreement with A.D. Miller to replace the Ranch House swimming pool.
  • A motion passed authorizing the Scope of Work for 2019 Trail Maintenance with Singletrack Trails. Resident Jack Sawatzki questioned why three bids weren’t sought for the project. Staff explained that there are only two companies in the area that do this type of work. The other company previously did work for the Master Association that was unsatisfactory.
  • The Board previously asked for clarification from the Open Space Committee on the naming of Docmann Trail. The Committee suggested the whole trail be named Docmann, and the small spur off Docmann would be named Overlook.
  • Staff is currently reviewing the Collections Policy with the attorney. A revised policy will be presented to the Board at a future meeting.
  • In February, the Board approved going to court for an injunction to force Account #31750 to fix ongoing covenant violations. In response, the resident reached out to the Association’s attorney and came to an agreement on a timeline to fix the problems.
  • Staff reported on Ranch House Pool design feedback from the open houses and the current online survey. So far, the response has been positive, and specific feedback will be considered by the Boards and architect.
  • Staff attended the Community Associations Institute spring conference.
  • Resident Jim Fodor wants pool design aesthetics to be weighed in the decision-making process.
  • Resident Jack Sawatzki questioned the construction of the steps on Massey Draw Trail. Volunteers fixed the issue over the winter.


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