Master Association Board May 15 Meeting Summary

On May 15, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • A resident voiced her concerns about Docmann Trail.
  • A resident asked for a status of contractor trail maintenance work and budget. She also had concerns with parks maintenance, specifically at Heirloom Park, and mentioned the work of the Firewise Committee.
  • The Board discussed updating the Trails Master Plan and the creation of a Task Force for this purpose. There were concerns expressed about spending money on a facilitator or consultant to help with the TMP’s update. A resident expressed her concerns about a TMP Task Force and the possibility of it being biased toward more trails. The Board will defer the discussion until the 2019 Budget process.
  • The Board discussed the possibility of adding another Recycling & Cleanup Event in the fall. Staff will determine the cost to add an event, and the Board will discuss it at its June meeting.
  • The Board supports allowing the Trail Club to use the Ken-Caryl logo on a banner at events. A resident expressed his concerns with allowing the Trail Club to use the logo because he considers them a private group. The Board explained that the Trail Club is actually open to all members of the Association and is therefore not private.
  • A motion was tabled regarding the final trail alignment for the East Plum Thicket/Manzanita Trail. Two residents expressed their concerns about the project and the crosswalk.
  • A motion passed adopting the amended Committee Appointment and Operating Procedure. The Board decided not to institute term limits for committee members. A resident said she wants a level playing field for new applicants and current committee members, as well as qualifications and objective criteria for committee membership.
  • The Open Space Manager gave an update on the Jefferson County Grading Permit process for Docmann Trail.
  • A resident asked if the injured biker on Cougar Trail in late April was a resident. Open Space Manager Sean Warren said he was told the man was not a resident but was biking with a resident. He did not know the name of that resident. Given the serious health concerns (the injured rider was flown out by Fight for Life), identifying the resident status of those involved was not a priority.
  • The Board discussed the Open Space Committee vacancy created by Bruce Stover’s resignation from the committee. The Board wants staff to reach out to the three candidates who weren’t selected in November and ask if they are still interested. Staff will also advertise the opening and seek applications from the community.
  • Staff discussed issues at the Manor House with residents visiting the building during events as well as parking concerns. Staff will meet with the Manor House owner about the issues and communicate to the residents.
  • Chris Pacetti discussed several projects that are happening now around Ken-Caryl Ranch. Projects include fixing potholes in the Ranch House Parking Lot, replacing the snack deck at the Ranch House, and replacing the iron fence around the Bradford Pool.
  • Sean Warren gave an update on the Dakota Lodge Pond leak project as well as the Brannon Gearhart Trail project.


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