Master Association Board Nov. 12 Meeting Summary

On Nov. 12, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:
• Resident John Fosholt addressed the Board about the Valley Parkway Crossing Project. He commented that new signs added by the County have helped with safety at the crossing. The Board directed staff to proceed with engineering for the crossing project.
• The 2020 Trails Report shows the Open Space Committee’s budget and trail work requests. This report is a requirement of the Trails Implementation Process. Board Member Andy Lydens requested a new format be used for the document in the future.
• A motion passed removing Chris Pacetti as Vice-President and appointing Victoria DeSair as Vice-President and Kristen Peterka as Assistant Secretary.
• A motion passed adopting Resolution 19-03 removing Chris Pacetti and adding Vice-President Victoria DeSair to all Master Association bank accounts as an authorized signer.
• A motion passed adopting the amended Joint Study Session Meeting Guidelines with a modification to remove the word “excessive.”
• A motion passed adopting the updated Volunteer Trail Coordinator Program Description. Resident Ruth Sundberg expressed concerns about time limits for the terms of the Volunteer Trail Coordinators. Resident Gary Salter addressed Ruth Sundberg’s concerns about time limits by saying feedback should be addressed to the Open Space Committee. Resident Rilla Reinsma requested an annual review of the program description document. Resident Jim Fodor expressed concerns about the role and reporting hierarchy of the Volunteer Trail Coordinators. Board Member Scotty Martin suggested a re-appointment process be added to the document.
• A motion passed adopting the 2020 Budget with a $3/month dues increase. Board member Scotty Martin wanted a $2/month increase, and Board member Andy Lydens wanted a $4/month increase. Resident Ruth Sundberg expressed concerns about rate increases at the Equestrian Center. Resident Anne Cinch expressed concerns with the $3/month dues increase.
• Victoria DeSair is working on an update of the Employee Handbook, and she plans to present it to the Board in January.


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