Master Association Board Oct. 16 Meeting Summary

Master Association Board Oct. 16 Meeting Summary

On Oct. 16, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular business meeting and discussed the following items:

• Historical Society Chairman Jim Antes gave an overview for a new procedure outlining how to honor volunteers in the Historical Society. The Board supported the procedure.
• Staff presented a follow-up regarding an invisible dog fence violation at 2 Twin Flower. The Board will accept the fine from the resident and loss of privileges. The Board recommended staff try to find the wire and remove it.
• Chris Pacetti gave an overview of the Committee Appointment Procedure and discussed membership status on the various committees. The Board recommended the following committee appointments and openings for 2019:

  • Architectural: Re-appoint 4 members. Advertise for 1 opening.
  • Community Planning Committee: Re-appoint 4 members. Advertise for up to 7 openings.
  • Covenant: Re-appoint 5 members and have 5 members on the committee. Christina Niemi was not re-appointed due to attendance.
  • Election: Re-appoint 4 members.
  • Open Space: Re-appoint 5 members. The Board would like to be able to appoint some new members to the Committee, and therefore will not be re-appointing David Schmude or Brian Lee due to their long tenure on the committee. Advertise for 2 openings.

• The Board discussed the 2019 Draft Budget for the Master Association. If the mill levy passes, the MA is considering a $1 per month dues increase. The MA will temporarily decrease funding for irrigation and drainage projects in order to not raise the dues more than $1. This would allow the MA to help with Ranch House Pool funding, which is estimated to cost $4 million. If the mill levy does not pass, the MA will need to discuss the possibility of a larger dues increase.
• The Board decided there was no need for a written policy for use of the Ken-Caryl logo.
• Cathy Packard spoke about concerns with KC for 6G advertising and the new sign at the Community Center.
• The Board discussed and supported a minor re-route of Docmann Trail near the pipeline. Jim Fodor asked which trees are affected.
• Chris Pacetti reported about the fall trash day. The turnout was not as large as the spring event, but not all services were offered.
• Sean Warren reported that the Colorado Native Plant Society found two confirmed occurrences of a rare plant in Ken-Caryl open space, and staff found three other unconfirmed occurrences of the plant. The plant of interest is called Anemone virginiana var. cylindroidea. The Board supports submitting a Plant Element Occurrence Field Form with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program to document the findings. The exact location of the occurrences will be listed as confidential in the CNHP database.
• A motion passed with a 3-2 vote ratifying the Board’s decision not to allow use of the logo by the Ken-Caryl Residents for Fiscal Responsibility.
• A motion passed ratifying the Board’s decision not to contribute $2,500 to the Ken-Caryl Residents for Fiscal Responsibility.
• A motion passed allowing yard signs to be placed on Master Association property, one at the Ranch House and one at the Dakota Lodge, supporting passage of Ballot question 6G from the Ken-Caryl Ranch Residents in Favor of 2018 Mill Levy Increase Issues Committee. Joel Pankow asked if the residents own Master Association land. Chris Pacetti clarified that Master Association land is owned by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association, which is a corporation.
• A request was made by Cathy Packard to allow Ken-Caryl Residents for Fiscal Responsibility Issues Committee signs on Master Association property. No motion was made by the Board.
• A motion passed authorizing staff to collect a status fee of $50 and a transfer fee of $100.
• Erlinda Stafford reported on the Equestrian Task Force. The group is working on consolidating policies and documents for the Equestrian Center.
• Chris Pacetti distributed a Collections Status Report for the community. He reported on past due accounts for homeowner dues and advertising accounts.


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