Master Association Board Sept. 17 Meeting Summary

On Sept. 17, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Ruth Sundberg expressed concerns about the footing in the large outside arena at the Equestrian Center. Chris Pacetti said the staff is aware of the issue and investigating causes and solutions.
  • Bruce Heise thanked the Board and Open Space Committee for weed control funding.
  • Jim Fodor: Brought up a lawsuit regarding Monsanto and Round-Up and concern for open space staff. Open Space Manager Sean Warren said the open space staff uses broad-leaf herbicides that do not contain glyphosate in the majority of its herbicide applications. Glyphosate-containing products are used in open space but only where bare-ground conditions are desired.
  • Insurance Renewal: Insurance quotes were not ready for the meeting, but Chris Pacetti will notify the Board about renewal rates via email then ratify the decision at the October Board meeting.
  • Valley Parkway Crossing Project: Staff passed out an estimate for the Valley Parkway Crossing Project. The cost is estimated to be $13,500-$16,000. The Board budgeted $8,000 for the project. The Board recommends moving forward with the engineering plans and then budgeting for construction in the future. A motion passed to proceed with the engineering portion of the crosswalk with Enginuity Engineering at a cost of $5,000-$6,000.
  • Request to create a Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force: John Rodell requested a task force be formed to review the near-term and long-term plans for Brannon Gearhart Park. The Board supports forming a task force. Staff will draft a job description and present it to the Board in October.
  • 2020 Budget: Staff passed out a rough draft of the 2020 budget. Staff would like to allocate $25,000 of the $50,000 budgeted in the 2020 drainage line item to update the drainage hazard assessment study. Staff discussed the cost of water and that the expenses will likely exceed the budgeted $250,000. The water bill is projected to be over budget, and the Board supports turning off the water now as it is not necessary to water this late in the year. Staff will draft a budget with options for a $2/month dues increase and a $3/month dues increase for review in October.
  • A motion passed to allocate $21,000 for Ranch House Pool splash features from Undesignated Special Project Fund balance.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to enter into an agreement with Valles Construction for $128,847 for contract services to address the drainage and path in Brannon Gearhart Park.
  • A motion passed adopting the Study Session Meeting Guidelines.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to spend $10,000 from 2019 One Time Project Fund to replace the radon barrier in the Ranch House crawl space.
  • A motion passed authorizing staff to spend $5,000 from 2019 One Time Project Fund to remove the asbestos pipe from the open space.
  • A motion passed adopting the updated Violation Procedures as presented in the Rules, Regulations, and Procedures updated document approved by the Board in August.
  • Victoria DeSair reported that the Community Planning Committee recommended an educational component be added to the open space bracelet distribution process. Staff is modifying the process to include this component.
  • Chris Pacetti reported on a foreclosed house in the Saddlewood neighborhood. The house is being purchased by a flipper.



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