Master Association Feb. 19 Meeting Summary

On Feb. 19, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular business meeting and discussed the following items:

  • A motion passed to sign a service agreement with Jefferson County to authorize probate estate for Account #34158 with a retainer up to $2,500. The Association would be responsible to pay the costs of opening the estate and the appointment of the public administrator but could seek these costs as part of its lien in any foreclosure action or sale of the property. Currently the property is unoccupied.
  • The Board further discussed the process to identify a new Executive Director for the Master Association. The Board will move forward with an external candidate search and plans to have someone on board in November. The Board wants to discuss the makeup of the hiring committee at the March business meeting.
  • Chris Pacetti reported that Anchor Network Solutions will take over management of IT Services for the Master Association and Metropolitan District.
  • Jim Antes, Chairman of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society, gave an overview of the Historical Society’s 2018 Annual Report, which is posted online.
  • Open Space Manager Sean Warren gave an overview of the condition of Brannon Gearhart Pond and Trail. There are algae problems in the pond, the aeration system is not able to completely address the situation, and dredging is recommended. There are also drainage issues on the asphalt trail near the pond, causing ice buildup in the winter. The Board wants to move forward with converting the trail from asphalt to concrete but wants to hold off on pond dredging due to the cost.
  • The Board discussed proposed changes to the Volunteer Trail Coordinator Program. Sean Warren will update the document for final approval from the Board.
  • The Board supports moving forward with the Ranch House Pool Replacement project at the $3,600,000 budget level as a Master Association project. The Board will discuss the project further with the Metropolitan District at the March 5 Joint Study Session. Pool plans will be presented to the community in March.
  • A motion passed adopting the updated Equestrian Center Operational Guidelines & Facility Rules as recommended by the Equestrian Center Task Force with updates as noted for Addendum C & D.
  • Resident Rilla Reinsma expressed concern with horses on concrete trails and equestrians not cleaning up horse manure on concrete. She also expressed concern about night-time use of the open space and motorized scooters on the trails.
  • A motion passed authorizing the establishment of the 2019 Equestrian Center Task Force and adopting their job description.
  • A motion passed approving Singletrack Trails as the contractor for the 2019 trail maintenance program.
  • A motion passed authorizing the Association’s attorney to pursue an injunction for account #31750.


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