Master Association Feb. 20 Board Meeting Summary

On Feb. 20, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

• A resident talked about Golden Eagles in Highlands Ranch.
• Several residents spoke about Docmann Trail, some in favor of building the trail and others opposed to it.
• Historical Society Chairman Jim Antes gave an overview of the work of the Historical Society. A report was included in the Board Packet.
• CR Brinton from the Manor House presented information regarding the operation of the proposed gate at the Manor House to deter people who shouldn’t be there after hours. The gate has been approved by the Architectural Committee. Unless there is a private event scheduled at the Manor House access will be available from approximately one half hour before sunrise to 10 p.m. daily and Master Association staff will have 24 access. The Board agreed in concept to the plan and will vote on a formal agreement for the gate at the March 20 meeting.
• The Board discussed Docmann Trail and gave an overview of the trail approval process. The Board is not in favor of revoking its decision about the trail.
• The Board discussed a draft agreement between the Master Association and the Metropolitan District regarding shared expenses for replacing the Ranch House Pool. The Board supports the draft, and the next step is for the attorneys for both organizations to review the draft agreement.
• The Board reviewed a draft of the Ongoing Internal Relationships and Responsibilities Cooperative Agreement that addresses ongoing internal relationships, responsibilities and procedures between the Master Association and Metropolitan District.
• A boarder at the Willow Springs Equestrian Center requested removing a section of fence that divides our open space and a parcel of Willow Springs Filing 4 Property Owners Association land. Sean Warren will check with Filing 4 regarding the reciprocal use and if they would support a multi-use access point.
• Chris Pacetti asked the Board for direction on the tie wall/fence project on Valley Parkway in the Colony neighborhood. The Board suggested reducing the scope of the wall and reaching out to the adjacent homeowners about the project.
• The Board discussed Greenbelt W, which runs from Chatfield Ave. to Community Park. The Board recommended setting up a meeting in May with the neighboring property owners and seeing what they would like done with the greenbelt.
• Chris Pacetti and Julie Imbler discussed the concrete pads under the cluster mailboxes throughout the neighborhood. According to the Post Office, the Master Association is responsible for the maintenance and eventual replacement of the concrete pads. The Board wants confirmation that the concrete pads are the Master Association’s responsibility, and then funding will be discussed at a future meeting.
• A motion passed adopting the amended Letters to the Editor Policy.
• A motion passed adopting the Supplement to Access to Association Records Policy.
• A Motion passed directing staff to vote yes on the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions of the Ken-Caryl Office Park Association.
• A motion passed authorizing staff to enter into a contract with Singletrack Trails with a 60-day revocable clause in the contract to provide trail construction services for the Docmann Loop Trail.
• A motion passed authorizing staff to enter into the three-year contract with Weed Wranglers to provide weed control services.
• Erlinda Stafford reported that the Equestrian Center Task Force had its first meeting and discussed policies and procedures for the Equestrian Center.
• Chris Figge reported about the Parks Advisory Committee and said the group is on hiatus.
• Chris Pacetti reported on the Community Planning Committee’s progress analyzing the resident survey results.
• Seth Murphy, Erlinda Stafford, Lauri Milano and Victoria DeSair met with staff from the Jefferson County Open Space and discussed communications in the community.
• Chris Pacetti brought up a business in the Office Park that has been paying for four acres of assessments since 1999, but they should have been paying for three acres. The Board wants a legal opinion on the matter.
• A motion passed authorizing foreclosure on a property for outstanding liens.
• Chris Pacetti thanked Dan Mullins and Angela York for their service on the Board.

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