Metro District May 26 Board Meeting Summary

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board met on May 26 for the regular monthly meeting. The following is a summary of that meeting:

  • The Board ratified and affirmed the decision of the prior Board of Directors to pay the $3,660 garden expense that was incurred as a result of the 2017 bond project and the construction of a concrete curb.
  • The Board heard an update regarding the District’s COVID 19 response efforts:
    • The Board reviewed survey results from over 1,300 residents regarding the opening of aquatic facilities. The Board and staff stressed that all aquatic facilities are governed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Jefferson County Public Health. Currently, there is no reopening timeline for indoor and outdoor pools; however, the District eagerly awaits more information about the timeline and restrictions for opening, which will also be governed by the state and the county. If pools are allowed to be reopened and enough staff has been secured to be able to manage the facilities, the Community Center Pool will be reopening as soon as possible followed by the Ranch House Pool, which is set to be completed sometime mid-July. Once approval is received, it will still take two weeks or more to train staff and prepare the facilities.
    • The Board discussed and motioned to amend the Cooperative Agreement with the MA for the Ranch House Pool Replacement and Renovation in order to increase the District’s contribution by $25,000, and to clarify that interest income earned on the PMD settlement funds principal does not have to be used on the Ranch House pool project and can be used by the District for other purposes.
    • Staff and Director Jensen reviewed the cash flow projections and fund balance summary for the District given the COVID pandemic. Cash flow and fund balance are at their lowest in February of 2021 since the largest annual payment of proceeds does not come until March of 2021.
    • District staff and current Board members thanked outgoing Board members, Jami Jensen, Lauri Lehan-Milano, and Jeff Esbenshade for their years of dedicated service to the Ken-Caryl Ranch community. Their contributions to the community include the development of the Community Planning Committee and community survey, the successful passage of a bond measure and completion of projects, the creation of a Financial Sustainability Workgroup, increased professionalism, formation of a fund balance and reserve, successful settlement of the Plains Metropolitan District lawsuit, and many others.
    • Three new Board members were sworn into office: Joe Levy, Bruce Tugman, and Jack Sawatzski.
    • The Joint MA/MD Study Session has been cancelled for the month of June.

May 19 Board Meeting Summary

On May 19, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:
• Victoria DeSair reported on Ranch House pool construction, staffing updates, current closures due to COVID-19, trail maintenance updates and the Master Association Annual Audit, which is projected to be completed in June.
• Andy Lydens shared information regarding the potential use of volunteers to help mitigate the impact of MD staff reductions due to COVID-19.
• Scotty Martin reported that the Historical Society is exploring potential foundation work for the Shaffer Barn and reported on increased vandalism at the Bradford Perley House.
• Tom Bratschun shared that the Metropolitan District Board discussed Ranch House pool funding and the Plains Metro District Settlement at the last meeting.
• Dan Mullins, volunteer trail coordinator, shared an update of current trail projects. A trail reroute in the North Ranch, connecting the North Hogback Trail to the Lark Bunting Trail, will be discussed at the next Open Space Committee meeting.
• The Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force plans to present their report to the MA Board by August 2020.
• Ranch House pool construction is expected to be completed in July due to weather delays and impacts from COVID-19. The Board discussed potential funding sources for the projected budget shortfall.
• The Master Association Board meeting in June may be at the Ranch House if safety guidelines permit in-person meetings at that time.


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