MD Board Meeting Summary June 23

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board met on June 23 for the regular monthly meeting. The following is a summary of that meeting:

  • The Board received an update regarding the District’s COVID response and reopening plans. The Community Center Pool was opened on June 21. Additional work will focus on improving the registration process. Financials were reviewed for May showing a bleak cash flow forecast; however, as programs begin and facilities reopen, the June figures should improve.
  • The Board motioned and approved the First Amendment to the KCRMA/KCRMD Cooperative Agreement Regarding the Ranch House Pool Replacement/Renovation.
  • The Board motioned and approved the temporary closure of the eastern side of the South Hogback Open Space as presented in the June 23, 2020 Agenda Item Executive Summary. Staff will be attending the June 24 Open Space Committee meeting to discuss next steps and their possible involvement.
  • The Board motioned and approved the following Board Officers and Committee Assignments:
    • President – John Huggins
    • Vice President – Kayla Kirkpatrick
    • Treasurer – Bruce Tugman
    • Secretary – Joe Levy
    • Director – Jack Sawatzki
    • MA Board Liaison – Kayla Kirkpatrick, Bruce Tugman
    • Open Space Committee – Joe Levy, Jack Sawatzki
    • Community Collaboration Committee – John Huggins, rotating between Joe Levy and Kayla Kirkpatrick
    • Community Planning Committee – TBD


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