Metropolitan District Nov. 10 Board Summary

The Metropolitan District Board met on Tuesday, Nov.10 for its regular Board meeting. The following is a summary of that meeting:

  • The public hearing was continued on the 2021 proposed budget. District Manager Wieland presented the updated 2021 budget with the following highlights:
    • The Healthy Families and Workplace Act is a driver of several budgetary items including paid sick leave and emergency paid sick leave related to a pandemic. The current act expires Dec. 31, 2020, and it is unknown what the impacts will be in 2021.
    • As COVID cases increase, the likelihood of remote school and/or a stay at home order is imminent. Staff is monitoring closely to react to a likely revenue reduction.
    • The excess revenue over expenditure figures are still hovering near the 2020 annual budget figure for both 2020 projected and 2021 budget. Even though the figures are positive and Amendment B passed, the District has not fixed all its financial issues as there is much work to do with the District’s long-term capital needs.
    • The Board discussed the District Manager classification and compensation.
    • District Manager Wieland explained the development of administrative classifications to be able to effectively manage the District’s wide variety of employees and laws that surround the different levels.
    • District Manager Wieland explained that there has been some feedback regarding pool fees and the desire to eliminate them. Staff has developed the fees based on the established cost recovery. The Board discussed the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic and determined they would move forward with the fees as recommended, but could amend if necessary based on the District’s recovery.
  • A resolution was passed to memorialize the District’s retiree health insurance program. The program is not a cost to the District but provides an important retention tool.
  • Staff informed the Board about a meeting with Jefferson County planning regarding the District’s options to request inclusion of new developments within Master Association boundaries but not District boundaries.

The Board’s next regular meeting will be held Dec. 1 and will include the conclusion of the public hearing on the 2021 budget process.


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