Meeting Summary: Feb. 5 Joint Study Session

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards held a Joint Study Session on Feb. 5 and discussed the following items:

  • A.D. Miller gave an overview of expected construction costs for a new pool at the Ranch House. If all requested design elements are included, the pool is projected to cost $4.1 million, which includes design work, pool construction, and contingency. The projected costs came from three bids per trade area for construction costs. The Metropolitan District will contribute $2.25 million from the Plains Metropolitan District lawsuit settlement. The Master Association will contribute $1.3 million from Reserves and additional funding. The Board recommends scaling back the design to cut costs and be within budget. The Board wants to target a cost of $3.6 million. Some design elements can be added in the future as budgets allow. An updated design and project budget will be available for review and feedback in the coming weeks.
  • The Boards discussed a potential 2nd Amendment to the Reorganization Amendment between the Master Association and the Metropolitan District. The amendment outlines transferring financial responsibility for Master Association-owned water taps to the Master Association.
  • Staff gave an overview of the development of a Community Strategic Plan. Planning will continue with core staff and Board representatives, followed by reports back to the Boards. There will also be opportunities for public input and community involvement.
  • Staff provided an update on audio streaming board meetings. The Boards support live-streaming the meetings if the cost is minimal and there is participation from residents. Staff is pursuing options and will do a trial run of the streaming in the next few weeks before making it available to residents.
  • Chris Pacetti talked about signage in the open space regarding closures after sunset. Staff is adding the words “except for authorized activities” to the signs to be consistent with the open space rules.
  • Melissa Daruna gave an update on the projected Residential Assessment Rate for next year. It is currently projected at 6.95%, which is higher than the initial projection of 6.11%. The final RAR will not likely be set by the Legislature until April or May of this year.


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