Metro District Sept. 22 Board Meeting Summary

The Metropolitan District Board met on Tuesday, September 22 for its regular board meeting. The following is a summary of that meeting:

  • The Board heard an update from Director Levy regarding the South Hogback Open Space. The presentation included information regarding the site’s history, acquisition, and sensitive resource studies. The update included information regarding next steps for community input.
  • The Board was provided a brief update regarding the COVID pandemic and the District’s response. Cash flow and fund balance continue to improve with revenue generation and cost control measures.
  • Staff presented an update on the 2021 budget process and schedule. The Board discussed capital priorities for 2021 and 2022. The Board approved a motion to appoint the District’s Finance Director and District Manager as the budget officers for the fiscal year 2021 budget.
  • Staff presented revisions to the community group facility rental policy opportunities for streamlining the process for staff and customers. The Board supported the changes to the free use to include business hours at the Ranch House and the discounted rate to include non-business hours.
  • Several audience members were in attendance and spoke regarding mineral rights on the South Hogback, the success of the Ranch House baseball field renovation project, and North Ranch Park programming questions.

The Board’s next regular meeting will be held October 27. This meeting will be the first of possibly several public hearings regarding the 2021 budget.


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