Metropolitan District 2020 Budget Highlights

The Metropolitan District Board will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 12 to discuss the 2020 Draft Budget.

Draft Budget Highlights:

  • District anticipates a substantial 12% increase in property tax revenue of approx. $350k for 2020, the majority of which is planned for increasing reserves or capital improvements
  • District plans to achieve its target operating reserves of $1.2m in 2020
  • Management and the Board are discussing approx. $500k of capital projects for 2020 and looking at the 2021 – 2022 projects as discussion for future priorities
  • Management and the Board are considering other budget adjustments that might allow for discontinuation of the credit card processing fee
  • Management and the Board are considering recreation program fee increases including the pool pass renewal options (with renewals most likely staying the same as 2019)
  • The largest expenditure impact District-wide is the increase in Colorado minimum wage rates from $11.10 to $12.00, an 8% increase, or $25k of additional expense to the District
  • The 2020 budget includes the anticipated hiring of two additional year-round turf crew members for a total of approx. $70k, one position of which was a budget reduction in 2019
  • The District paid off the mini-bus leases in 2019 and will pay off the fitness equipment leases in early 2020

Metropolitan District 2020 Draft Budget

Community feedback is welcomed at the Metropolitan District Board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. at the Ranch House or by email to Traciw@kcranch.org.


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