Metropolitan District Adopts 2019 Budget

Metropolitan District Adopts 2019 Budget

Pool Revenue and Cost Savings to Be Discussed Further in 2019
The Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board adopted the 2019 budget at its meeting on Dec. 4. Due to public input, the Board decided not to charge pay-per-use pool fees in 2019. However, a target amount of $55,000 for revenue and cost savings from pools was set. Staff presented ideas for Aquatics revenue generation and cost savings such as rotating pool schedules, a pool pass verification administrative fee, and/or adjusting pool hours. Community input will be sought in 2019 to determine how to generate the revenue and save on expenses.

However, several other increases in revenue and decreases in expenses were adopted by the Board at the meeting. Budget cuts are being made in 2019 to help offset a larger expected revenue shortfall in 2020. The Metro District is anticipating a decline in revenue of up to $375,000 in 2020 due to an expected lowering of the Residential Assessment Rate. There is currently minimal funding in the operating reserves so the Metro District can’t rely on reserves to make up for the deficit.

Adopted Budget

Following are the most significant changes from the 2018 budget to the 2019 adopted budget:

Proposed Increases in Revenue:
• Pools: $55,000 (Sources of aquatics revenue to be determined, but pay-per-use pool fees are no longer being considered for 2019. The Board and staff will seek community input in 2019.)
• Credit card processing fees: $90,000 (In order to offset credit card processing fees, there will be a 4 percent fee increase on payments for activities, classes, and rentals with cash discounts offered.)
• Increase recreation programming fees: $42,600
• Interest income: $25,000
• Increase contractor classes: $5,000
• Raise facility rental rates: $3,000

Proposed Decreases in Expenses:
• Reduce capital outlays from operating budget: $42,000
• Discontinue discounts at Foothills Ridge Recreation Center (KC residents will pay non-resident fee): $7,000
• Close Ranch House Wading Pool for season: $7,000
• Cancel events such as Music a La Mode (if they do not cover costs through sponsorships): $1,500
• Utilize full-time staff and volunteers to run events: $4,100
• Create District Dimensions in-house: $3,000
• Reduce Community Center Hours: $3,600
• Cut 2 year-round turf crew members: $72,800
• Reduce to 1 herbicide application: $11,500
• Eliminate MD tree program funding: $5,000
• Reduce supplies and training budget: $12,700

Please also note that the Master Association will be paying for an additional $150,000 in water costs in 2019, totaling $250,000, which also results in a decrease in expenses for the Metropolitan District from 2018 to 2019.

If you have any questions or comments about the Metro District budget, you can submit feedback to melissad@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 136.


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