Metropolitan District April 23 Board Meeting Summary

On April 23, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • Staff reported on the transition of the District Manager role and redistribution of work. Staff are optimistic heading into a busy summer time.
  • Staff gave an update on critical 2019 IT changes that are required. There is a need to replace servers, upgrade email software, and upgrade some computers that will no longer be supported after 2019. If they are not replaced, there is an information technology security threat to the organization. A motion passed to authorize the use of up to $45,000 of funds budgeted for District Management for IT expenditures determined most critical in 2019.
  • Two members of the Metropolitan District Board, two members of the Master Association Board, and Chris Pacetti have met over the last few weeks to discuss possible changes to the organizational structure of the Master Association and Metropolitan District. The group, referred to as the Financial Stability Workgroup, have explored several options for the future of the organizations. Members will continue to meet and report back to the Boards at future meetings including the Joint Study Session scheduled for May 7 at 6 p.m.
  • The Board discussed hiring plans for the District Manager position. The discussion was tabled as the skills and experience sought in candidates and the strategy for recruiting will both be dependent on the outcome of the Financial Stability Workgroup report (previous bullet point). The Board plans on having a Special Meeting scheduled for May 7 at 8 p.m.
  • Resident John Fosholt distributed a handout and discussed the latest version of rules for openness and transparency in government and highlighted rules the Board should be aware of as it commences its search for a new District Manager.


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