Metropolitan District Feb. 25 Board Meeting Summary

The Metropolitan District Board met on February 25 for its regular meeting. The following are highlights from that meeting:

  • An update was provided regarding the Ranch House Pool renovation project. The weather was extremely challenging in February, so the contractors are still hopeful for completion in May. The District Board and Master Association will discuss several contingency items at the Joint Study session on March 3.
  • Staff presented a more cost effective option for preventing snow and ice dangers at the tennis building entryway that will result in budgeted savings. Staff also presented some options for enhancing the tennis building including new doors, new curtains, and seating options using the project savings. The Board was very enthusiastic about pursuing these options.
  • The District’s Fiscal Policies were approved.
  • The Board approved auction of the 1996 Bucket Truck. Proceeds are anticipated to be between $10,000 and $14,000, and staff requested use of a portion of these proceeds to purchase the upgraded package for the budgeted John Deere mower (hard cab and V-blade). The Board requested additional options for this equipment package before purchase.
  • The replacement material for the South Valley Road hard surface trail is still under consideration and will be reviewed by the Architectural Committee on March 12 before going back to the Board at the end of the month.
  • The Board accepted the South Hogback Archaeological and Biological reports subject to two points of clarification. The sensitive location information in both reports will be redacted. The Board will be discussing the South Hogback in future meetings to determine next steps, if any.


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