Metropolitan District Nov. 12 Board Meeting Summary

On Nov. 12, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District Board held a regular meeting and discussed the following items:

  • The bulk of the November 12 District Board meeting agenda revolved around the 2020 proposed budget and included a discussion of the following items:
    • The Board discussed the possibility of establishing a community project line item in the Board of Directors budget to allow the Board flexibility to fund community-led projects that are outside of or don’t fit within the annual capital budget development process. The Board directed staff to develop an application with potential criteria to assist the Board in determining funding support. The topic will be discussed further at the December meeting.
    • Staff provided the Board with a three-year list of capital needs based on the 2008 Reserve Study, the work of the Joint Financial Sustainability Workgroup, equipment and vehicle replacement schedules, and board and staff recommendations. The Board recommended a $500,500 capital expenditure list for 2020.
    • The Board discussed and is considering the re-establishment of the Foothills Parks and Recreation District intergovernmental agreement that was eliminated in 2019. Discussion will continue and a decision will be made on Dec. 3.
    • The Board discussed the discontinuation of charging separate fees for credit card transactions noting that a one-fee structure would provide customer convenience while reducing unnecessary paperwork and additional staff time. Based on historical use of credit cards, approximately $80,000 of expense can be recovered with increased fees, mainly in tennis programs, as well as reduction in several expense line items including utilities, chemicals, and staffing. The Board encouraged staff to explore all types of opportunities to increase online registrations.
    • The Board discussed recommendations for 3% staff compensation increases. The Board strongly supports the implementation of a merit-based pay plan in future years when job descriptions have been updated, a structured classification and compensation schedule has been established, and consistent performance appraisals have been implemented.
    • The Board was updated regarding increased costs to operate the Ranch House Pool due to the larger footprint, which results in an additional $15,000 in staffing expense.
    • Staff will research election costs and include those expenses in the December revision and discussion which could exceed $20,000.
    • The public hearing for the 2020 proposed budget will continue at the December 3 meeting. The community will again have an opportunity to provide public comment regarding the budget.
  • The Board participated in an executive session to discuss the South Hogback Open Space.


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