New Volunteer Patrollers Complete Training! 

By Matt Oven, Park Ranger Supervisor

Recently, seven new KCR Members completed a two-and-a-half-hour training to become volunteer patrollers. I want to thank Michael, Cheryl, Kurt, Matthew, Tony, David and Shannon for spending a Saturday morning with me and welcome to the team! We have a total of 32 volunteers patrolling the open space for the 2021 season!

If you are recreating on the trails, you may be contacted by one of these volunteer patrollers at a trail intersection, or passing by on the trail. Each will be wearing a blue vest, with a patch that reads “Open Space Patrol”. An ID will also be displayed to indicate they are working on behalf of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Park Rangers. Mountain bike volunteers will also have an orange placard visible on their handlebars stating “Volunteer Bike Patrol”.

This program is in its tenth year and the volunteers are a tremendous help to the rangers assisting patrol of the trail system. The volunteers cannot issue contact notices for rule violations like park rangers, but are a great resource in viewing any trespassing, dog off leash and other rule violations taking place in the open space. Volunteers also report any obstacles across the trails or other problem areas and if a pattern of rule violations develops in open space.

I want to also remind users to please be courteous to these volunteers as they will be stopping each trail user that passes by to confirm KCR residency/membership, unless a user is displaying an approved KCR ID (orange, white text) Bracelet. In order to acquire a KCR ID Bracelet, visit www.ken-carylranch.org and click on the Open Space tab. Fill out the registration form and submit. After approval, the KCR ID Bracelets will be mailed to your residence. Bracelets are good for three years. If you already have an orange bracelet, no need to register.

There is no cost and bracelets are issued two per household and can be temporarily used by house guests when not accompanied by the member in the private open space. All other colored bracelets have expired. It is not mandatory to have an ID bracelet when using Ken-Caryl Ranch private open space, but if you have one easily displayed on your wrist, bike handlebars, or your dog leash, you can enjoy your activity without answering questions about membership from the Volunteer Patrollers or Park Rangers. Any trail user viewed with an expired tag will be stopped and membership checked by the rangers. If you have any questions, please call the rangers at 303-979-1876 ext. 170.


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