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Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Plans & Studies

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Annual Trails Plan
As part of the annual budget preparation process, staff, with involvement of the Open Space Committee, will review the trail system and develop an Annual Trails Report with recommendations for specific projects for the upcoming year. See the Trail Map for project locations.
Beehive Agreement
Map of Beehive Location
Ken-Caryl resident Ed Galisewski installed beehives in the North Hogback Open Space in spring 2017. If you have any questions, contact Open Space Manager Sean Warren at seanw@kcranch.org or 303-979-1876, ext. 463.
Biological Surveys:
Willow Springs Connector Raptor Survey
Willow Springs Connector Rare Plant Survey
Upper Bradford/ East Tin Cup/
Upper Massey
West Cougar/
Lower Question Mark Peak
East Cougar Trail
Biological surveys are done prior to trail construction to evaluate any potential impact trail construction would have on natural resources in open space.
Brannon Gearhart Park and Wood Sorrel/Buckthorn Access Trails
Plan Details
The trail re-routes will take out steep sections of trail (see map) and move the alignment out of shaded areas to improve trail user safety during the winter months. The low-water crossings will be rebuilt to better facilitate emergency and maintenance access and improve user safety.
Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force Final Report
Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force Presentation
The Brannon Gearhart Park Task Force reviewed the current condition of Brannon Gearhart Park to make short- and long-term recommendations to the Master Association Board regarding the future of its infrastructure and amenities.
Open Space Comprehensive Management Plan
Detailed policies and procedures for managing the Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space resources. The plan was updated and adopted by the Master Association and Metropolitan District Boards in December 2017. Click here for the 1997 version of the plan.
Cougar Trail Information:
Trail Summary & Alignment
Plant Assessment
Recommendations Going Forward
Memo from Open Space Manager
The Upper Cougar Trail is located in the southwest corner of Ken-Caryl Ranch Private Open Space (see map). The new trail when combined with Lower Cougar Trail added nearly five miles of new trail to our existing trail system.
The Docmann Trail will go from the Cougar Trail, up Docmann Gulch and connect to the Question Mark Peak Trail. At its Oct. 10, 2017 meeting, the Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association Board approved the alignment of the Docmann Trail. Funding was approved at the Dec. 12, 2017 meeting. On July 10, 2018, Jefferson County approved the Natural Surface Trail permit for Docmann Trail. Corridor clearing for the Docmann Trail was completed in August 2018, and trail construction began the week of Sept. 10, 2018.
Drainageway Hazard Assessment:
Appendix A
Appendix B-F
Attachment Maps
Report Addendum
The Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Drainageway Hazard Assessment, written by Muller Engineering Company, is the guiding document used by staff to address problems in the stream channels and tributaries of Massey Draw and Dutch Creek located in the Valley Open Space of Ken-Caryl Ranch. The Report Addendum documents impacts from a series of storm events occurring in 2009 and updates recommendations provided in the report.
East Plum Thicket/Manzanita Trail Plan
There are a number of existing social trails between Mountain Laurel, Manzanita and Woodruff Streets. In the Trails Master Plan (TMP), these are identified for upgrading and incorporation into the recognized and sanctioned trail system.
Forest Stewardship Plan
A 10-year plan that calls for thinning of overgrown forests and shrublands to improve overall forest health and to remove excessive wildfire fuels. Updated in 2015.
Massey Draw Trail Maintenance Plan
Massey Draw Canyon was identified as a high-priority maintenance issue in the 2016 Trails Maintenance Plan.
Native Mowing Plan
The Native Mowing Plan (aka-Rough Mowing Plan) includes a variety of sites, mostly in the Valley, where un-irrigated, open space grasses intersect roadsides, trails and other facilities. These sites are mowed at least three times during growing season by the ranger staff. Mowing is done to improve visibility and sightlines, to reduce the potential for fire to spread and for general safety and aesthetics. For more information, please view the plan documents listed below:

OS Mowing Site Inventory Roadside Misc.

OS Mowing Site Inventory Hard/Soft Trails

OS Mowing Site Inventory Natural Surf Trails

Native Mowing Maps

Parcel A Biological Survey
Parcel A Cultural Survey
These reports summarize findings from field surveys to identify and document biological and cultural resources on Parcel A. This property is located north of Dutch Creek and east of the Willowbrook subdivision and is known for its prominent hogback ridge. The property is owned by Jefferson County Open Space and managed by the Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Department. These reports will help staff and community leaders develop a management plan to protect important and sensitive open space resources contained on the site. The surveys and reports were provided and paid for by Jefferson County Open Space.
Prairie Dog Conservation Policy
The primary purpose of the Prairie Dog Task Force is to develop a conservation policy for Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space and Parks staff use that recognizes the ecological significance of the black-tailed prairie dog within the prairie ecosystem, while addressing the concerns of private landowners and residents, considering other wildlife species and preserving the conservation values for which open space was established.
Prairie Dog Relocation Agreement
The Prairie Dog Relocation Agreement was set up for the relocation of the Manor House prairie dog colony.
Prairie Dog Rehabilitation Plan
Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Prairie Dog Rehabilitation: Resource Inventory, Site Characterization & Rehabilitation Plan
Proposed Purple Ash Trail Improvements
The Ken-Caryl Ranch Open Space Committee will review planned improvements to the Purple Ash Trail at their monthly meeting on May 27, 2020.
Trails Maintenance Plan
The Master Association Board adopted this Trails Maintenance Plan February 2016. Map of Trail System to accompany maintenance plan.
Trails Master Plan
Provides a strategic guide for the implementation and maintenance of a community wide trail system. Adopted in 2009.
Trails Implementation
Provides a multi‐year implementation strategy for the Ken‐Caryl Ranch Trail System consistent with the approved Trails Master Plan.
Volunteer Trail Coordinator Program
Volunteer Trail Coordinator 2018 Planned Projects
The Master Association Board adopted this Volunteer Trail Coordinator Program in 2019.
2019 Wildfire Mitigation Plan
Provides strategies to reduce wildfire risk to structure through specific fuels management projects. Initial plan completed in 2015. Revised plan created in 2019.


For more information about these plans, please contact Sean Warren at 303-979-1876, ext. 163.

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