Coyote Information

There are often coyote sightings on Ken-Caryl Ranch. Coyotes in populated areas are less fearful of people, and they have been known to attack pets and approach people too closely. Hazing coyotes is a very effective way to make coyotes more fearful of people.

Coyote Educational Videos


Safety Information

If a Coyote Approaches You:
• Do not run or turn your back.
• Be as big and loud as possible.
• Wave your arms and throw objects.
• Face the coyote and back away slowly.
• If attacked, fight back.

Protect Your Pets:
• Keep pets on a short leash.
• Use extra caution dusk through dawn.
• Avoid known or potential den sites and thick vegetation.
• Do not allow dogs to interact with coyotes.

If You Have Concerns About an Encounter With a Coyote:
• Recreate during daylight hours.
• Walk with a walking stick.
• Keep a deterrent spray handy.
• Carry noisemakers or rocks to throw.

Avoid Coyote Conflicts in Your Neighborhood:
• Never Feed Coyotes!
• Remove attractants from your yard, including pet food, water sources, birdfeeders and fallen fruit.
• Secure trash in a container with a locking lid or put trash out on the morning of pick up.
• Never approach wildlife. If a coyote approaches, yell, throw rocks or sticks, spray with a hose, or bang pots and pans.

Your Pet & Coyotes:
• Keep pets on a six-foot leash when walking.
• Never allow your pets to “play” with a coyote.
• Pick up small pets if confronted by a coyote.
• Always supervise your pet when outside, especially at dawn or dusk.
• Never leave cats or dogs outside after dark.
• Don’t leave pet food outside.
• If you must leave your pet outside, secure it in a fully-enclosed kennel.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Ken-Caryl Ranch Park Rangers at 303-979-1876, ext. 170.

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