Pool Access Fee for 2019

Resident Pool Access Fee

During the budget planning for 2019, the Metro District Board discussed charging residents for pool access. After hearing from the community, the Board decided not to charge daily use fees but asked staff and the community to find a solution to help offset some of the cost of operating the pools. Subsequently, staff solicited feedback via email and through various community meetings. Based on this feedback, the District will be implementing a pool access pass fee. This fee only needs to be paid once per year and gives you unlimited access to the pools all summer. You can purchase your pool pass starting April 1, and special bonus benefits will be offered in April.

Fee Structure

  • $25 per person – 3 years and up
  • $100 max per household*

Early Bird Special – Month of April

  • $20 per person – 3 years and up
  • $80 max per household
  • Bonus Benefits of Early Bird Special – Per Household:
  • 3 free guest pool passes (one-day passes)
  • 3 day-use passes to the fitness center

*The Family Summer Pool Access Pass is for 2 adults and their children under age 23 residing at the same home. Children 23 years and older living at home may get their own summer swim access pass by bringing in their valid driver’s license with current Ken-Caryl address. Adult children 23 years and older are not counted as part of your family pass, but are eligible for their own pass. If they have children (your grandchildren) who are also living with you, they may be added to your adult child’s pass.

Not a Regular Swimmer? No Problem

  • $5 drop-in rate for residents
  • $7 non-resident drop-in

Grandchild Pool Access Pass

  • $50 per grandchild

Available for resident grandparents to purchase for their non-resident grandchildren.

Nanny Pass

Residents may purchase a non-resident Nanny Pass for $25.

The District recognizes that any sort of fee for use of the pools is new for residents, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding. All revenue generated from these fees will help offset the cost of operations of the pools.

Please note that prices listed are the cash/check discount. Payments made by credit or debit card are subject to a 4.25 percent fee.


  1. Penny Altberg

    How much will non-residents pay? How much will larger groups of daycare groups or camps pay? Will there be special hours available only for adults? For residents?

    1. Kristen Peterka

      Thanks for your questions about the Pool Access Fees. The Non-Resident fee is $5 if you are a guest of a resident (attending with the Resident) or $7 drop-in. For larger groups such as daycare programs they pay the non-resident rate ($5 if attending with a Resident, $7 drop-in). If you have a daycare that will be attending regularly you could purchase a non-resident child swim pass for $100 for the summer. You could also pre-purchase passes and if you buy 5 passes the 6th one is free. We offer adult-only lap swim at the Community Center (Monday – Friday 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. and Monday – Thursday 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.) Because our pools are funded through taxes they are considered public pools so we cannot offer resident-only hours – they are open to residents and non-residents alike with different fees for each.

      1. Joel Pankow

        Kristen – could you clarify what you mean about pools being funded through taxes and are therefore public? The pools are built and maintained using MD and MA money. The former is obtained through tax dollars obtained by mill levies on KC property taxes alone and the MA money is obtained by dues money from KC residents alone. Because of this, I would think these are private pools. I understand things like Metro 13 are also funded by mill levies on property taxes only by certain communities and the Metro 13 is not privately owned, but this is more of service rather than a physical structure such as our pool and they don’t get all their funding from community specific property taxes.

        1. Victoria DeSair

          Maintenance and operations of the pools are funded by the Metropolitan District, which is a government entity. When a facility or amenity is operated by a government entity, the facility or amenity must be open to the public. However, the District can charge a higher rate (i.e. non-resident rates vs. resident rates) for the facility or amenity because non-resident don’t pay directly into the Metropolitan District’s tax base. This is the same for other special districts such as Foothills or South Suburban.

      2. Linda Graham

        How much is a non-resident adult swim pass for the summer? Why is the non-resident nanny pass only $25 and the non-resident grandchild pass $50? Seems a little lopsided!

        1. Victoria DeSair

          Non-Resident Summer Swim Pass (second price listed is the credit card rate):
          Household of four (ages 3 and up) $375/$390.90
          Additional family member $30/$31.27
          Single Adult (19+) $125/$130.30
          Single Youth (3-18) $100/$104.24

          Non-Resident Daily Rates:
          $5/$5.21 Guest with a Resident
          $7/$7.30 Non-Resident (this includes Mountain Gate and Bell at Ken-Caryl for access to the Community Center Pool. Mountain Gate and Bell at Ken-Caryl Pool Access Passes will get you entrance into Bradford and the Ranch House Pools.)

          Regarding the Nanny Pass vs. Non-Resident Swim Pass, nannies always swam for free at the request of several residents many years ago because nannies are bringing residents’ kids to the pool. Because residents will now have to pay for a pool access pass, families will now have to pay to add a nanny. At the MD Board’s direction, grandchildren were never free. They were $5 per visit when going with a resident. Several grandparents have asked that there be a season pass option for their grandchildren. This was the compromise that was reached.

    1. Victoria DeSair

      Ginger, the hours are as follows:
      Ranch House Recreation Office: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday

      Community Center:
      5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday
      5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday
      8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday
      8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday

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