Pool Rental

Looking to host a birthday party? Have a family BBQ? All of our pools are available for exclusive rental!

All of our pools are available for private rentals. The Ranch House and Community Center pools are available Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm – 9pm, and the Bradford Pool is available all days of the week from 6pm – 8pm.
Pools are available for rental starting June 1, 2019 until individual pool closings. Dates of availability vary with programming of other groups.
Lifeguards will be provided for the duration of the party for guarding purposes only. The entire rental fee is due at the time of signing the reservation contract. All District pool rules and regulations must be followed at all times by the members of the party. Absolutely no alcohol or glass is allowed at any time.

Fee: Resident: $265/$276.24 for a two-hour block (Cash-check rate / credit-debit rate)
Non-Resident: $335/$349.20 for a two-hour block (Cash-check rate / credit-debit rate)

If you are interested in renting one of our swimming pools, please contact Amy Lear at 303-979-4070, ext. 119, or amyl@kcranch.org.

Birthday Party Rental Room

Host your child’s birthday party at the Ranch House pool in the Evergreen Room. The room holds up to 10 children and is available Saturdays and Sundays for a 2-hour block. Rental does not include party supplies or pool fees. Please call 303-979-4070 for more information.

Fee: KCRMD Resident: $50 for a 2-hour block*
Non-Resident: $70 for a 2-hour block*

*Fee reflects cash/check discount. 4.25% added for credit/debit.

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