Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Information

The mission of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metro District Swim Lesson Program is to provide structured group and private lessons for persons of varying swim abilities to assist in developing and improving their swimming skills. We strive to educate the importance of safe behavior and activities in and around water.

The summer of 2017 brings with it a redesigned, fresh, swim lesson program to the Ken-Caryl Ranch Pools. Please see our newly reorganized levels to see what sea creature your swimmer will start out as this summer!


Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Perhaps your swimmer requires one on one or smaller class size to learn to swim. Private and semi-private lessons provide an opportunity for your swimmer to work closely with an instructor on the swimmer’s specific needs. Arrange your lesson with a swimming instructor you are familiar with or contact Kristen Peterka at kristenp@kcranch.org or 303-979-4070, ext. 119. Private and semi-private lessons are available at all three KCRMD pools. Please purchase private lessons at the Ranch House or Community Center before the lesson.

Private Swim Lessons
Resident: $24 per half-hour
Non-Resident: $30 per half-hour

Semi-Private Swim Lessons
(2 individuals near the same ability)
Resident: $30 per half-hour ($15 per participant)
Non-Resident: $40 per half-hour ($20 per participant)


Swim Lesson Schedule and Registration

You can register online for group swim lessons. Sign up for an open course to secure your spot. If your first choice of lessons is not available, check into other times for the same level to secure a spot in the course. If you are unable to participate in any desired course, place your name on the wait list. KCRMD will add courses if there is sufficient demand and staff are available. The wait list will be watched closely to add classes where needed and/or options provided to those on the wait list when and where space is available.

Swim Lesson Schedule 2017






Swim Lesson Descriptions

Parent Tot – Ages 6 months up to 3 years
Our smallest swimmers will develop comfort in the water in a fun, family environment. For ages 6 months to 3 years with a parent/guardian. Infants and toddlers will play games, sing songs and develop basic skills that will help them transition into swimming on their own in our Guppies swim level. Child must attend class with a responsible individual 16 years of age or older, one child per adult. Swim diapers under swimsuits are mandatory.


Guppies 3-5
For 3 year olds who are ready to explore the water on their own! Your guppies will play games while working on basic water skills to help them become comfortable in the water away from their parents or guardians. Advancement from the guppies level involves your guppy being willing to enter the water, follow simple directions from the instructor, participate in activities, and stay with the class.


Sea Turtles 3+
Sea Turtles will build their swimming skills by learning proper entry and exit from the water, put their face in the water, learn to kick, blow bubbles, and submerge their mouth, nose, and eyes. Your Sea Turtle can graduate to be a Clownfish when they can master all these skills.



Clownfish 4+
Clownfish will start to move around the pool more during their lessons as they work on monkey crawling on the wall, floating with assistance on their front and back, submerge their entire head and retrieval of underwater objects, kick on front and back with assistance, jump from the pool deck into the pool to the instructor, perform 10 bobs, and begin working on simple swimming arm motions. Clownfish are ready to become an Octopus when they can complete all the Clownfish skills.


Octopus 4+
Getting bigger and increasing their swimming abilities, our Octopus group will work hard with instructors to master many skills including:
• Front and back glide
• Front and back glide with kicking
• Coordinated arm and leg movements for front crawl and backstroke
• Front and back float
• Jump in from deck and swim to the instructor
• Kick 25 yards using kickboard
Octopus students will be introduced to new skills not required to be mastered before moving to the Dolphin level:
• Breathing techniques
• Introduction to elementary backstroke
Has your little one mastered these Octopus skills? Great! They are ready to become a Dolphin!

Dolphins 4+
Exploring the water more and more, our Dolphin class will focus on refining several skills while being introduced to some new ones along the way. To graduate from the Dolphin level your swimmer will be able to complete the following:
• Jump in deep water from pool deck
• Jump off the diving board
• 10 yard front crawl with his or her face in the water while breathing to the side
• 10 yard backstroke
• Tread water proficiently
• Proficiency in elementary backstroke
Dolphins will be introduced to the following skills but not required to be mastered before becoming a Great White Shark:
• Breaststroke
• Dolphin kick

Great White Sharks 5+
The Great White Sharks are the big fish in our pools! This level will focus on building a well-rounded swimmer by developing their abilities and enhancing individual stroke proficiencies. To complete the Great White Shark level, swimmers will be able to demonstrate the following with proper form:
• Dive from poolside from kneeling and standing positions
• 25 yard front crawl while breathing to the side
• 25 yard backstroke
• 10 yard breaststroke
• Introduction to the butterfly stroke

Please note that it is common for students to repeat levels before moving up. Class levels may be combined based on enrollment numbers. Instructors will teach to the abilities of each student. Classes may be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met.

For more information on swim lessons, contact Kristen Peterka at kristenp@kcranch.org or 303-979-4070, ext. 119.

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