Foothills Rec Agreement

Foothills/KCR Ridge Rec Center Agreement


The Boards of Directors of both the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District (KCRMD) and the Foothills Park & Recreation District (Foothills) have renewed for 2018 a special arrangement for residents of Ken-Caryl Ranch (KCR) to use the Foothills Ridge Recreation Center at Foothills resident rates.

The Ridge Recreation Center, which is located at 6613 South Ward Street just north of the boundary of KCR, is owned and operated by Foothills, a local park and recreation provider. Residents of KCR have always been able to use Foothills facilities as they are all open to the public. However, prior to 2014, residents of KCR were assessed non-resident fees for Foothills facilities as it is a separate park and recreation district. Residents of KCR do not pay property taxes to help support the facilities owned and managed by Foothills.

KCRMD and Foothills entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to permit KCR residents to use the drop-in amenities of the Ridge Recreation Center at the same daily rates as Foothills residents. When the IGA was introduced in 2014, it proved to be quite popular with KCR residents with KCRMD subsidizing nearly $8,000 in 2014 for non-resident fee differentials for the benefit of KCR residents. Based on the positive feedback from KCR residents, the KCRMD and Foothills Boards of Directors have agreed to renew the IGA for 2018 with no changes.

The Ridge Recreation Center offers users an indoor lap and separate leisure activity pool, a therapy pool, a gymnasium and track, a cardio weight room, racquetball courts and a rock climbing wall. As part of the agreement, KCR residents must get a special ID card for $5 issued by Foothills at the Ridge that will identify the user as a resident of KCR. KCR residents must show proof of residency. The current agreement is exclusive to the Ridge Recreation Center only. The agreement does not include the special discounted fee toward use of the Edge Ice Arena or any other Foothills amenities. The special rate is only for the drop-in use of these amenities and does not apply to classes or youth programs.

Fees, facility hours, and other details are listed on the Foothills website at www.ifoothills.org/kencaryl.asp.

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