Fencing Classes

fencingtomFencing Classes at Dakota Lodge

The Olympic sport of fencing is returning to Ken-Caryl Ranch! Beginner level classes will be held at Dakota Lodge for ages 7 – 17. These classes will be taught by Gregg Bramblett or Tom Strzalkowski from Fencing Academy of Denver. Owner Tom Strzalkowski was a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic fencing team. In 1994 and 1995, he competed on the World Championship teams and was a member of the gold medal team at the Pan-American Games. He is a three-time NCAA champion and a four-time All-American. Fencing students from Ken-Caryl have gone on to fence at Notre Dame, Stanford, and Amherst. For more information, call the Fencing Academy of Denver at 720-334-3578.

Why Fencing? Like other martial arts, fencing provides many benefits:

• Increased focus and concentration
• Increased self-confidence
• Development of strategic thinking skills
• Increased self-discipline
• Stress relief
• Aerobic workout
• Improved coordination
• College scholarship opportunities

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