Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis on Ken-Caryl Ranch

By getting your kids into the game of tennis you’ll be opening a door to a lifetime of enjoyment! Tennis is one of the best ways for kids to become healthy and physically fit. The very nature of the game of serving, returning and rallying makes tennis an active sport with plenty of movement, starts, stops and direction changes. As such, tennis is a great cardiovascular activity, and the movements used on the court help develop enhanced balance, agility and coordination. Mental focus is also sharpened through tennis because decision-making and concentration are necessary every time a ball is hit.



Junior Tennis Lessons

Junior Tennis Lessons are held at the Community Center in the indoor courts unless noted. Register Online

Summer Junior Tennis Schedule

We use Quickstart Tennis for our beginning players and use full courts for Comp 1 levels and above. Please view our Junior Tennis Lesson Descriptions for full descriptions of each level.

Rookie Tennis

Rookie Tennis is available to children 8 to 10 who are currently in Level C or above and children 11-13 who are in Level B or above. The program will provide an introduction to recreational unassisted match play. Participants must be able to return 5 out of 10 fed forehands and 3 out of 10 fed backhands into the age-appropriate court. Must be able to serve 3 out of 10 balls in and are beginning to learn to score. Space is limited so register early.

Introduction to Unassisted Match Play
Dates: July 6 – Aug. 10
Location: Community Center

Ages 8-10, Level C, Comp 1:
Tuesday/Thursday, 3-4 p.m.
Resident $150, Non-Resident $165
Course #44929

Ages 11-13, Level B, Comp 1:
Tuesday/Thursday, 4-5 p.m.
Resident $150, Non-Resident $165
Course #44930

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For questions about the Tennis Program, contact Judy Anderson at judya@kcranch.org or 303-979-2233, ext. 202.

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